Colloidal vectors and therapeutic targeted engineering

PI: Claire Monge & Bernard Verrier


In recent years, nanodelivery systems have raised huge interest as platforms for drug delivery or vaccine development, as they offer multiple options for improving the safety and efficacy of therapeutic agents. For example, side effects might be decreased upon encapsulation of drugs or adjuvants. Although the use of nanodelivery systems has open a wide area of research in nanomedicine, it should be implemented with caution as their safety is a main issue.


We are focusing our work in this field on three aspects :

i) Elaborate innovative particles and delivery systems, using ecocompatible strategies and a dual delivery concept

ii) Decipher the in vivo biodistribution and fate of particles, using mice or zebrafish models

iii) Develop therapeutic formulations based on dual delivery systems, using innate immunity knowledge to target specific types of immune responses, such as mucosal immunity or targeted cytotoxic effect.


Examples of delivery systems developed in our laboratory, based on nanoparticles of poly (D, L-lactic acid) (PLA), a biodegradable polymer. Using the synthesis process of nanoprecipitation, we encapsulate hydrophobic molecules such as drugs, adjuvants or fluorescent tracers. Hydrophilic molecules with targeting or therapeutic activities can be adsorbed at their surface to create dual delivery systems. For instance, by analogy with viral particles, we design multifunctional PLA nanoparticles covered with viral proteins and containing various immunostimulating molecules.


Our general objective is to bring innovative scientific information to increase efficiency and safety of therapeutic engineering based on biodegradable dual delivery systems.

As therapeutic challenges, we focus our work on infectious diseases targeting mucosa (HIV-1 and Influenza), with a strong emphasis on designing therapeutic formulations able to cross biological barriers.


Research topic

Mucosal administration and associated immunity

In vivo uptake of particulate nanovectors and targeted delivery

Particulate nanovaccines and immune responses

Key-words: nanovector, nanomaterial, biodegradable polymer, vaccine, drug delivery, adjuvant, skin, mucosae, biodistribution

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