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59.  Refined Immunochemical Characterization in Healthy Dog Skin of the Epidermal Cornification Proteins, Filaggrin, and Corneodesmosin. 
Pin D, Pendaries V, Keita Alassane S, Froment C, Amalric N, Cadiergues Mc, Serre G, Haftek M, Videmont E, Simon M
(2019) J Histochem Cytochem 67 :85-97  Icon PUBMED

58.  Development and characterization of Lyophilized Transparized Decellularized stroma as a replacement for living cornea in deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty. 
Rovere Mr, Ouilhon C, Salmon D, Haftek M, Damour O, Auxenfans C
(2019) Cell Tissue Bank 20 :49-59  Icon PUBMED

57.  Filaggrin Expression and Processing Deficiencies Impair Corneocyte Surface Texture and Stiffness in Mice. 
Thyssen Jp, Jakasa I, Riethmuller C, Schon Mp, Braun A, Haftek M, Fallon Pg, Wroblewski J, Jakubowski H, Eckhart L, Declercq W, Koppes S, Engebretsen Ka, Bonefeld C, Irvine Ad, Keita-alassane S, Simon M, Kawasaki H, Kubo A, Amagai M, Matsui T, Kezic S
(2019) J Invest Dermatol  :  Icon PUBMED

56.  Organogels, promising drug delivery systems: an update of state-of-the-art and recent applications. 
Esposito Cl, Kirilov P, Roullin Vg
(2018) J Control Release 271 :1-20  Icon PUBMED

55.  Changes in nano-mechanical properties of human epidermal cornified cells depending on their proximity to the skin surface. 
Milani P, Chlasta J, Abdayem R, Kezic S, Haftek M
(2018) J Mol Recognit 31 :e2722-e2722  Icon PUBMED

54.  Preserving Basement Membranes during Detachment of Cultivated Oral Mucosal Epithelial Cell Sheets for the Treatment of Total Bilateral Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency. 
Rovere Mr, Rousselle P, Haftek M, Charleux B, Kocaba V, Auxenfans C, Nataf S, Damour O
(2018) Cell Transplant 27 :264-274  Icon PUBMED

53.  Keratinocyte-Specific Ablation of RIPK4 Allows Epidermal Cornification but Impairs Skin Barrier Formation. 
Urwyler-rosselet C, Tanghe G, Leurs K, Gilbert B, De Rycke R, De Bruyne M, Lippens S, Bartunkova S, De Groote P, Niessen C, Haftek M, Vandenabeele P, Declercq W
(2018) J Invest Dermatol 138 :1268-1278  Icon PUBMED

52.  Determination of inosine 5′-monophosphate dehydrogenase activity in red blood cells of thiopurine-treated patients using HPLC. 
Beringer A, Citterio-quentin A, Otero Ro, Gustin C, Clarke R, Salvi Jp, Boulieu R
(2017) J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci 1044-1045 :194-199  Icon PUBMED

51.  Tumor vascularization and clinicopathologic parameters as prognostic factors in merkel cell carcinoma. 
Bob A, Nielen F, Krediet J, Schmitter J, Freundt D, Terhorst D, Rowert-huber J, Kanitakis J, Stockfleth E, Ulrich C, Weichenthal M, Egberts F, Lange-asschenfeldt B
(2017) J Cancer Res Clin Oncol  :  Icon PUBMED

50.  Innovative drug vehicle for local treatment of inflammatory skin diseases: Ex vivo and in vivo screening of five topical formulations containing poly(lactic acid) (PLA) nanoparticles. 
Boisgard As, Lamrayah M, Dzikowski M, Salmon D, Kirilov P, Primard C, Pirot F, Fromy B, Verrier B
(2017) Eur J Pharm Biopharm 116 :51-60  Icon PUBMED

49.  ITPA Activity in Adults and Children Treated With or Without Azathioprine: Relationship Between TPMT Activity, Thiopurine Metabolites, and Co-medications. 
Citterio-quentin A, Moulsma M, Gustin Mp, Boulieu R
(2017) Ther Drug Monit 39 :483-491  Icon PUBMED

48.  Risk of Aggressive Skin Cancers After Kidney Retransplantation in Patients With Previous Posttransplant Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinomas: A Retrospective Study of 53 Cases. 
Ducroux E, Martin C, Bouwes Bavinck Jn, Decullier E, Brocard A, Westhuis-van Elsacker Me, Lebbe C, Frances C, Morelon E, Legendre C, Joly P, Kanitakis J, Jullien D, Euvrard S, Dantal J
(2017) Transplantation 101 :e133-e141  Icon PUBMED

47.  Increasing incidence of melanoma after solid organ transplantation: a retrospective epidemiological study. 
Fattouh K, Ducroux E, Decullier E, Kanitakis J, Morelon E, Boissonnat P, Sebbag L, Jullien D, Euvrard S
(2017) Transpl Int  :  Icon PUBMED

46.  Chronic Lyme borreliosis associated with minimal change glomerular disease: a case report. 
Florens N, Lemoine S, Guebre-egziabher F, Valour F, Kanitakis J, Rabeyrin M, Juillard L
(2017) Bmc Nephrol 18 :51-51  Icon PUBMED

45.  Inter-sectoral Transfer of the Food for Life Settings Framework in England. 
Gray S, Jones M, Means R, Orme J, Pitt H, Salmon D
(2017) Health Promot Int  :  Icon PUBMED

44.  Efficacy of guar gum-based ronidazole capsules as a treatment for Tritrichomonas foetus infection in cats. 
Grellet A, Makhlouf Se, Desquilbet L, Hovhannessian F, Boogaerts C, Dore V, Anthony M, Espana B, Prouillac C, Kirilov P, Polack B, Perrot S
(2017) J Feline Med Surg 19 :177-184  Icon PUBMED

43.  Stefania (Stephanie) Jablonska 1923-2017 Professor of Dermatology, Warsaw Medical University, Poland Emeritus board member, European Journal of Dermatology. 
Haftek M
(2017) Eur J Dermatol 27 :399-400  Icon PUBMED

42.  Clear-Cell Hyperplasia of Eccrine Sweat Ducts. 
Kanitakis J
(2017) Am J Dermatopathol 39 :319-321  Icon PUBMED

41.  Scabies in a bilateral hand allograft recipient: An additional mimicker of acute skin rejection in vascularized composite allotransplantation. 
Kanitakis J, Morelon E
(2017) Transpl Infect Dis 19 :  Icon PUBMED

40.  Effect of allergens and irritants on levels of natural moisturizing factor and corneocyte morphology. 
Koppes Sa, Ljubojevi? Had?avdi? S, Jakasa I, Franceschi N, Riethmuller C, Juraki? Ton?ic R, Marinovic B, Raj N, Rawlings Av, Voegeli R, Lane Me, Haftek M, Frings-dresen Mh, Rustemeyer T, Kezic S
(2017) Contact Dermatitis 76 :287-295  Icon PUBMED

39.  Face Transplantation: Partial Graft Loss of the First Case 10 Years Later. 
Morelon E, Petruzzo P, Kanitakis J, Dakpe S, Thaunat O, Dubois V, Choukroun G, Testelin S, Dubernard Jm, Badet L, Devauchelle B
(2017) Am J Transplant 17 :1935-1940  Icon PUBMED

38.  Comparison of four different fuller’s earth formulations in skin decontamination. 
Roul A, Le Ca, Gustin Mp, Clavaud E, Verrier B, Pirot F, Falson F
(2017) J Appl Toxicol  :  Icon PUBMED

37.  DeRmpath & Clinic: Onychopapilloma. 
Sarkissian L, Fattouh K, Kanitakis J, Villani Ap
(2017) Eur J Dermatol 27 :336-337  Icon PUBMED

36.  Multimerization is required for antigen binding activity of an engineered IgM/IgG chimeric antibody recognizing a skin-related antigen. 
Teye K, Hashimoto K, Numata S, Ohta K, Haftek M, Hashimoto T
(2017) Sci Rep 7 :8212-8212  Icon PUBMED

35.  Cell surface glycans in the human stratum corneum: distribution and depth-related changes. 
Abdayem R, Formanek F, Minondo Am, Potter A, Haftek M
(2016) Exp Dermatol 25 :865-871  Icon PUBMED

34.  Intersection of calorie restriction and magnesium in the suppression of genome-destabilizing RNA-DNA hybrids. 
Abraham Kj, Chan Jn, Salvi Js, Ho B, Hall A, Vidya E, Guo R, Killackey Sa, Liu N, Lee Je, Brown Gw, Mekhail K
(2016) Nucleic Acids Res 44 :8870-8884  Icon PUBMED

33.  Investigating the Case of Titanium(IV) Carboxyphenolate Photoactive Coordination Polymers. 
Assi H, Pardo Perez Lc, Mouchaham G, Ragon F, Nasalevich M, Guillou N, Martineau C, Chevreau H, Kapteijn F, Gascon J, Fertey P, Elkaim E, Serre C, Devic T
(2016) Inorg Chem 55 :7192-9  Icon PUBMED

32.  Fragility of epidermis in newborns, children and adolescents. 
Blume-peytavi U, Tan J, Tennstedt D, Boralevi F, Fabbrocini G, Torrelo A, Soares-oliveira R, Haftek M, Rossi Ab, Thouvenin Md, Mangold J, Galliano Mf, Hernandez-pigeon H, Aries Mf, Rouvrais C, Bessou-touya S, Duplan H, Castex-rizzi N, Mengeaud V, Ferret Pj, Clouet E, Saint Aroman M, Carrasco C, Coutanceau C, Guiraud B, Boyal S, Herman A, Delga H, Biniek K, Dauskardt R
(2016) J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol 30 Suppl 4 :3-56  Icon PUBMED

31.  [Identification of knowledge deficits of pharmacy students at the beginning of the fifth year of pharmacy practice experience: Proposals to change the content of academic programs]. 
Charpiat B, Derfoufi S, Larger M, Janoly-dumenil A, Mouchoux C, Allenet B, Tod M, Grassin J, Boulieu R, Catala O, Bedouch P, Goudable J, Vinciguerra C
(2016) Ann Pharm Fr 74 :404-12  Icon PUBMED

30.  Synthesis and biological evaluation of thiophene and benzo[b]thiophene analogs of combretastatin A-4 and isocombretastatin A-4: A comparison between the linkage positions of the 3,4,5-trimethoxystyrene unit. 
Do Cv, Faouzi A, Barette C, Farce A, Fauvarque Mo, Colomb E, Catry L, Berthier-vergnes O, Haftek M, Barret R, Lomberget T
(2016) Bioorg Med Chem Lett 26 :174-80  Icon PUBMED

29.  Percutaneous absorption of benzophenone-3 loaded lipid nanoparticles and polymeric nanocapsules: A comparative study. 
Gilbert E, Roussel L, Serre C, Sandouk R, Salmon D, Kirilov P, Haftek M, Falson F, Pirot F
(2016) Int J Pharm 504 :48-58  Icon PUBMED

28.  DeRmpath & Clinic: Regressive melanoma associated with vitiligo-like depigmentation. 
Gouillon L, Villani Ap, Kanitakis J
(2016) Eur J Dermatol 26 :420-1  Icon PUBMED

27.  Gunshot Entry Wound of the Skin. 
Kanitakis J, Monneuse O
(2016) Am J Dermatopathol 38 :566-7  Icon PUBMED

26.  Chronic Rejection in Human Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation (Hand and Face Recipients): An Update. 
Kanitakis J, Petruzzo P, Badet L, Gazarian A, Thaunat O, Testelin S, Devauchelle B, Dubernard Jm, Morelon E
(2016) Transplantation 100 :2053-61  Icon PUBMED

25.  Capillary Thrombosis in the Skin: A Pathologic Hallmark of Severe/Chronic Rejection of Human Vascularized Composite Tissue Allografts? 
Kanitakis J, Petruzzo P, Gazarian A, Karayannopoulou G, Buron F, Dubois V, Thaunat O, Badet L, Morelon E
(2016) Transplantation 100 :954-7  Icon PUBMED

24.  Tumour Budding Correlates with Aggressiveness of Cutaneous Squamous-cell Carcinoma. 
Karayannopoulou G, Euvrard S, Kanitakis J
(2016) Anticancer Res 36 :4781-5  Icon PUBMED

23.  Ex-Vivo percutaneous absorption of enrofloxacin: Comparison of LMOG organogel vs. pentravan cream. 
Kirilov P, Tran Vh, Ducrotte-tassel A, Salvi Jp, Perrot S, Haftek M, Boulieu R, Pirot F
(2016) Int J Pharm 498 :170-7  Icon PUBMED

22.  Prognostischer Wert der Flache und Dichte von Lymphgefassen bei kutanem Plattenepithelkarzinom. 
Krediet Jt, Kanitakis J, Bob A, Schmitter J, Carine Krediet A, Rowert J, Stockfleth E, Painsi C, Hugel R, Terhorst D, Lange-asschenfeldt B
(2016) J Dtsch Dermatol Ges 14 :1116-1124  Icon PUBMED

21.  Prognostic value of the area and density of lymphatic vessels in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma. 
Krediet Jt, Kanitakis J, Bob A, Schmitter J, Krediet Ac, Rowert J, Stockfleth E, Painsi C, Hugel R, Terhorst D, Lange-asschenfeldt B
(2016) J Dtsch Dermatol Ges 14 :1114-1121  Icon PUBMED

20.  Fosamprenavir/ritonavir in patients with viral hepatitis coinfection: an observational multicohort study. 
Nasta P, Salmon D, D’arminio Monforte A, Pimenta Jm, Cerini C, Giralda M, Winnock M, Cozzi-lepri A
(2016) Hiv Clin Trials 17 :96-108  Icon PUBMED

19.  [Chemistry approach for therapeutic education of children with hemophilia and their parents: Representation of complex phenomena related to treatment]. 
Novais T, Meunier S, Trossaert M, Salmon D, Chamouard V
(2016) Arch Pediatr 23 :798-805  Icon PUBMED

18.  Histopathologic characteristics of scleromyxedema: A study of a series of 34 cases. 
Rongioletti F, Merlo G, Carli C, Cribier B, Metze D, Calonje E, Kempf W, Stefanato Cm, Marinho E, Kanitakis J
(2016) J Am Acad Dermatol 74 :1194-200  Icon PUBMED

17.  Dermpath & Clinic: Zosteriform Lichen aureus. 
Sarkissian L, Villani Ap, Kanitakis J
(2016) Eur J Dermatol 26 :215-6  Icon PUBMED

16.  An integrated view of immune monitoring in vascularized composite allotransplantation. 
Sicard A, Kanitakis J, Dubois V, Petruzzo P, Badet L, Thaunat O, Morelon E
(2016) Curr Opin Organ Transplant 21 :516-22  Icon PUBMED

15.  Comparative histological analysis of drug-induced maculopapular exanthema and DRESS. 
Skowron F, Bensaid B, Balme B, Depaepe L, Kanitakis J, Nosbaum A, Maucort-boulch D, Berard F, D’incan M, Kardaun Sh, Nicolas Jf
(2016) J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol 30 :2085-2090  Icon PUBMED

14.  Isolation of All CD44 Transcripts in Human Epidermis and Regulation of Their Expression by Various Agents. 
Teye K, Numata S, Ishii N, Krol Rp, Tsuchisaka A, Hamada T, Koga H, Karashima T, Ohata C, Tsuruta D, Saya H, Haftek M, Hashimoto T
(2016) Plos One 11 :e0160952-e0160952  Icon PUBMED

13.  Application of C4d Immunohistochemistry on Routinely Processed Tissue Sections for the Diagnosis of Autoimmune Bullous Dermatoses. 
Villani Ap, Chouvet B, Kanitakis J
(2016) Am J Dermatopathol 38 :186-8  Icon PUBMED

12.  Deleterious effects of skin freezing contribute to variable outcomes of the predictive drug permeation studies using hydrophilic molecules. 
Abdayem R, Roussel L, Zaman N, Pirot F, Gilbert E, Haftek M
(2015) Exp Dermatol 24 :972-4  Icon PUBMED

11.  Filaggrin breakdown products determine corneocyte conformation in patients with atopic dermatitis. 
Riethmuller C, Mcaleer Ma, Koppes Sa, Abdayem R, Franz J, Haftek M, Campbell Le, Maccallum Sf, Mclean Wh, Irvine Ad, Kezic S
(2015) J Allergy Clin Immunol 136 :1573-1580  Icon PUBMED

10.  Measurement, analysis and prediction of topical UV filter bioavailability. 
Roussel L, Gilbert E, Salmon D, Serre C, Gabard B, Haftek M, Maibach Hi, Pirot F
(2015) Int J Pharm 478 :804-10  Icon PUBMED

9.  New easy handling and sampling device for bioavailability screening of topical formulations. 
Salmon D, Gilbert E, Gioia B, Haftek M, Pivot C, Verrier B, Pirot F
(2015) Eur J Dermatol 25 Suppl 1 :23-9  Icon PUBMED

8.  [Injectable preparation of labeled leucine with the carbon 13 for a clinical research program on the Alzheimer disease: pharmaceutical control of raw materials and the finished product and stability study]. 
Tall Ml, Lehmann S, Diouf E, Gerard C, Filali S, Gabelle A, Hirtz C, Gabert L, Sauvinet V, Pirot F, Pivot C
(2015) Ann Pharm Fr 73 :43-59  Icon PUBMED

7.  Influence of the mesenchymal cell source on oral epithelial development. 
Kinikoglu B, Rovere Mr, Haftek M, Hasirci V, Damour O
(2012) J Tissue Eng Regen Med 6 :245-52  Icon PUBMED

6.  Functional interplay between p63 and p53 controls RUNX1 function in the transition from proliferation to differentiation in human keratinocytes. 
Masse I, Barbollat-boutrand L, Molina M, Berthier-vergnes O, Joly-tonetti N, Martin Mt, Caron De Fromentel C, Kanitakis J, Lamartine J
(2012) Cell Death Dis 3 :e318-e318  Icon PUBMED

5.  The lipid alterations in the stratum corneum of dogs with atopic dermatitis are alleviated by topical application of a sphingolipid-containing emulsion. 
Popa I, Remoue N, Osta B, Pin D, Gatto H, Haftek M, Portoukalian J
(2012) Clin Exp Dermatol 37 :665-71  Icon PUBMED

4.  Analysis of epidermal lipids in normal and atopic dogs, before and after administration of an oral omega-6/omega-3 fatty acid feed supplement. A pilot study. 
Popa I, Pin D, Remoue N, Remoue N, Osta B, Callejon S, Videmont E, Gatto H, Portoukalian J, Haftek M
(2011) Vet Res Commun 35 :501-9  Icon PUBMED

3.  Atopic dermatitis in dogs is associated with a high heterogeneity in the distribution of protein-bound lipids within the stratum corneum. 
Popa I, Remoue N, Hoang Lt, Pin D, Gatto H, Haftek M, Portoukalian J
(2011) Arch Dermatol Res 303 :433-40  Icon PUBMED

2.  Expression of estrogen-related receptor gamma (ERRgamma) in human skin. 
Krahn-bertil E, Bolzinger Ma, Andre V, Orly I, Kanitakis J, Rousselle P, Damour O
(2008) Eur J Dermatol 18 :427-32  Icon PUBMED

1.  [Hand allografts: experience from Lyon team]. 
Gazarian A, Abrahamyan Do, Petruzzo P, Kanitakis J, Guigal V, Garret J, Rizzo C, Durand Py, Fredenucci Jf, Streichenberger T, Parmentier H, Galewicz T, Guillot M, Sirigu A, Burloux G, Morelon E, Braye F, Badet L, Martin X, Dubernard Jm, Eljaafari A
(2007) Ann Chir Plast Esthet 52 :424-35  Icon PUBMED