Presentation of the group

The SKin functional INtegrity (SKIN) group, leaded by Berengère Fromy and Jérôme Lamartine, is devoted to a better understanding of the mechanisms ensuring the tissue functionality in normal and fragile skin. The skin is a vital organ ensuring the integrity of the organism and allowing its exchanges with the surrounding environment. The skin integrity can be weakened by environmental changes that give rise to a fragile tissue. In our group, we are deciphering new mechanisms involved in the maintenance of healthy skin functionality, to better understand how the functionality can be fragilized by internal or external insults and to settle up new strategies to allow the functional recovery of the compromised tissue.

Our research projected are then organized into 4 different axis:

The SKIN group is composed of 15 scientists (researchers, teacher-researchers, PhD student, post-doctoral researchers, engineers, technicians) with multidisciplinary expertises (cell biology, physiology, genetics, skin biology). The group also regularly hosts trainees at different levels (technicians, Master students M1 and M2).


SKin functional INtegrity (SKIN group)
Laboratoire de Biologie Tissulaire et Ingénierie thérapeutique – CNRS – UMR 5305 – Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Institut de Biologie et Chimie des Protéines
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