Innovative antibacterial hydrogels for dental pulp regeneration

Project leader  : M. Ducret

Participant  : M. Bekhouche, J-C Farges, M. Pasdeloup, M. Lévêque

Infections of teeth are a major concern of public health worldwide. Two strategies are proposed to regenerate dental pulp: a « cell-based strategy » uses exogenous cells and a biomaterial (i), and a « cell-free strategy » allows host cells to colonise a biomaterial to reconstruct a new dental pulp (ii).

Figure 1 : Illustration of two strategies for dental pulp reconstruction.


Figure 2 : Illustration of different axes of the project ENDONANOBIOTIC

Selected publications : 

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Collaborations : 

-Pr Colin McGUCKIN & Dr Nico FORRAZ, CTI-BIOTECH, Meyzieu.

-Dr Audrey AUSSEL, Dr Nicolas L’heureux, Dr Olivia Kérourédan, Laboratoire Biotiss, Bordeaux.