Analyse the fundamental mechanisms  of extracellular matrix organisation in tissues.

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Describe and evaluate tissue response to insults.

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Propose and test innovative therapeutic approaches.

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Master Internship offer 2018

Research project title: Role of α10β1 integrin in chondrocyte mechanotransduction  Internship supervisor and Host laboratory: Host laboratory: Laboratoire de biologie Tissulaire et Ingénierie thérapeutique (LBTI – CNRS UMR 5305) Group : « Biologie et Ingénierie du Cartilage » Team leader: Dr Frédéric Mallein-Gerin Internship tutor: Dr Emeline Perrier-Groult (Chargé de Recherche CNRS,, Tél: 04 72 72 26

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Master 2 in biomechanics

A master 2 student in biomechanics is sought to study the “Micro-mechanics of the vocal-fold tissue: experimental in situ mechanical tests using synchrotron imaging”. The training period will take place in Grenoble (3SR Lab, CoMHet team). The project  is linked with the LBTI through the MICROVOICE ANR Master_internship_microvoice

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Post-doctoral position Procollagen C-proteinase enhancers as therapeutic targets in cardiac fibrosis

Post-doctoral position Procollagen C-proteinase enhancers as therapeutic targets in cardiac fibrosis Project:  Cardiac fibrosis is the common consequence of several cardiovascular disorders, often leading to heart failure and death. Collagens are the main constituents of fibrotic tissues but there is presently no efficient therapy to limit their accumulation. Based on recent literature and on our

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PhD Student on Marie-Curie grant

Adjuvatis cherche un PhD Student pour une bourse Marie-Curie dans le cadre de l’ITN DRIVE Adjuvatis, as one of the 15 beneficiaries of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions Innovative Training Network DRIVE (Driving next generation autophagy researchers towards translation), is hiring a PhD Student for 3 years starting from May 2018. We are looking for a motivated

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Master 2 internship – 2018 – MOLECULAR MODELLING

This project will take place in a highly interdisciplinary environment at IBCP, in the group of Luca Monticelli (molecular modeling) and in close collaboration with Sofia Caridade who develops layer-by-layer (LbL) assemblies for biomedical application. The ideal candidate has a solid background in physical chemistry. Numerical competences (e.g., experience in programming and computer simulations) are

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