Functional explorations of small animal skin tissue (AnexPeau, LBTI)

The “AnexPeau” platform brings together several in-vivo techniques of cutaneous functional explorations for rodents (rats, mice) to study the microcirculatory, nervous and biomechanical functions. “AnexPeau” offers in-depth expertise in the physiopathology of skin lesions (wounds and hypoxic lesions, such as the pressure ulcers).


Bérengère Fromy

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The platform makes it possible to work on physiological, physiopathological or transgenic models in order to study the alterations of cell signaling pathways and allows longitudinal follow-up (non-invasive measurements) in order to carry out measurements of toxicity, evaluate pharmacological and/or therapeutic engineering and apprehend tissue repair.

This technical platform is part of the UMR and operates on modes of service delivery or academic collaboration, particularly with university structures, INSERM, CNRS or INRA. It ensures the application of European and French legislative regulations related to animal experiments. Regulatory training in animal testing is necessary for users.

Specific equipment and experimental techniques

  • Laser Doppler flowmetry for functional exploration of microcirculation on healthy or diseased tissues (anaesthetized animals) – measurement of the effect of vasoactive substances
  • Indenter (biomechanical properties)
  • Models of tissue hypoxic compression (pressure ulcers) and wound healing follow-up
  • Behavioral tests with thermal and mechanical stimuli allowing the functional exploration of the sensory nerve fibers (conscious animals)
  • Non-invasive device to measure tail arterial blood pressure and heart rate
  • General anaesthesia (injection or inhalation)
  • Various samples: skin, blood, tail, kidney, liver, …