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A new mechanism regulating wound healing revealed by the LBTI

3 groups of the LBTI worked together to understand how the BMP-1 metalloprotease can regulate cell adhesion and corneal wound healing through the cleavage of the matricellular protein thrombospondin-1. This work is just published in Science Signaling and has been selected to be featured on the journal cover.

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Full immersion in skin and skin cells now possible!

Discover the CellVR application on YouTube : This virtual reality experience was developed by Jérôme Lafont (Assistant Professor, University of Lyon and LBTI) and Dominique Baas (Assistant Professor, University of Lyon and INMG) with the help of infographists at ICAP (Innovation Conception et Accompagnement pour la Pédagogie, University of Lyon). If you want to try, you can also register for the open day of the ICAP virtual lab on November 29 :