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Le LBTI recrute des (enseignants)-chercheurs

We are looking for junior or senior researchers with international experience to develop and extend LBTI main research topics. Some examples of topics which are of high interest for us are the following :
– tissue response to injury / repair / inflammation / neoplasia
– aging
– extracellular matrix organization / remodeling / signaling /epigenetics
– tissue engineering / biomaterials
– nanovectors / drug delivery / molecular targets / drug and protein design
– stem cells / cell therapy
– biomechanics / mechanotransduction

Depending on their level of experience, applicants can be integrated in one of the LBTI groups or apply for funding to work as independant researchers (ATIPE Avenir, ANR, ERC etc).
Successful candidates will also have the support of the LBTI members to prepare their applications to research organisms (CNRS, University).

Candidates can send their application file (CV, list of publications, cover letter and references) to Bernard Verrier ( or to one of the LBTI group leaders.

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Les travaux de l’équipe Moali dans le document “2017, une année avec le CNRS en Rhône Auvergne”

Les travaux de l’équipe Métalloprotéases et Remodelage Tissulaire publiés en 2017 dans Nature Communications sur l’assemblage des trimères de collagène I font partie des faits marquants sélectionnés par la délégation CNRS Rhône-Auvergne pour illustrer les avancées scientifiques de 2017.

Télécharger l’article original de Nature Communications : ncomms14671

Télécharger le document “2017, une année avec le CNRS en Rhône Auvergne”: ra_cnrs2017_rhoneauvergne_vdefweb

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David Hulmes honored by ISMB at MBE2018

David Hulmes has received the ISMB (International Society for Matrix Biology) award at Matrix Biology Europe 2018 for its outstanding contribution to the Society throughout the years. David was ISMB president between 2010 and 2012 and is the present treasurer of the society until the end of 2018.