Curriculum Vitae

1156.  TMEM33 regulates intracellular calcium homeostasis in renal tubular epithelial cells. 
Arhatte M, Gunaratne Gs, El Boustany C, Kuo Iy, Moro C, Duprat F, Plaisant M, Duval H, Li D, Picard N, Couvreux A, Duranton C, Rubera I, Pagnotta S, Lacas-gervais S, Ehrlich Be, Marchant Js, Savage Am, Van Eeden Fjm, Wilkinson Rn, Demolombe S, Honore E, Patel A
(2019) Nat Commun 10 :2024-2024  Icon PUBMED

1155.  COL1A1 C-propeptide mutations cause ER mislocalization of procollagen and impair C-terminal procollagen processing. 
Barnes Am, Ashok A, Makareeva En, Brusel M, Cabral Wa, Weis M, Moali C, Bettler E, Eyre Dr, Cassella Jp, Leikin S, Hulmes Djs, Kessler E, Marini Jc
(2019) Biochim Biophys Acta Mol Basis Dis  :  Icon PUBMED

1154.  Impact on Breastfeeding According to Implant Features in Breast Augmentation: A Multicentric Retrospective Study. 
Bompy L, Gerenton B, Cristofari S, Stivala A, Moris V, See La, Rizzi P, Braye F, Meningaud Jp, Zwetyenga N, Guillier D
(2019) Ann Plast Surg 82 :11-14  Icon PUBMED

1153.  Poly(lactic acid) nanoparticles and cell-penetrating peptide potentiate mRNA-based vaccine expression in dendritic cells triggering their activation. 
Coolen Al, Lacroix C, Mercier-gouy P, Delaune E, Monge C, Exposito Jy, Verrier B
(2019) Biomaterials 195 :23-37  Icon PUBMED

1152.  A scaffold- and serum-free method to mimic human stable cartilage validated by secretome. 
Cortes I, Matsui Ram, Azevedo Ms, Beatrici A, Souza Kla, Launay G, Delolme F, Granjeiro Jm, Moali C, Baptista Ls
(2019) Tissue Eng Part A  :  Icon PUBMED

1151.  Design and characterization of a chitosan-enriched fibrin hydrogel for human dental pulp regeneration. 
Ducret M, Montembault A, Josse J, Pasdeloup M, Celle A, Benchrih R, Mallein-gerin F, Alliot-licht B, David L, Farges Jc
(2019) Dent Mater 35 :523-533  Icon PUBMED

1150.  Combination of bioactive factors and IEIK13 self-assembling peptide hydrogel promotes cartilage matrix production by human nasal chondrocytes. 
Dufour A, Buffier M, Vertu-ciolino D, Disant F, Mallein-gerin F, Perrier-groult E
(2019) J Biomed Mater Res A 107 :893-903  Icon PUBMED

1149.  Alteration of Pressure-Induced Vasodilation in Aging and Diabetes, a Neuro-Vascular Damage. 
Fouchard M, Misery L, Le Garrec R, Sigaudo-roussel D, Fromy B
(2019) Front Physiol 10 :862-862  Icon PUBMED

1148.  Atypical COL3A1 variants (glutamic acid to lysine) cause vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome with a consistent phenotype of tissue fragility and skin hyperextensibility. 
Ghali N, Baker D, Brady Af, Burrows N, Cervi E, Cilliers D, Frank M, Germain Dp, Hulmes Djs, Jacquemont Ml, Kannu P, Lefroy H, Legrand A, Pope Fm, Robertson L, Vandersteen A, Von Klemperer K, Warburton R, Whiteford M, Van Dijk Fs
(2019) Genet Med  :  Icon PUBMED

1147.  C-terminal proteolysis of the collagen VI ?3 chain by BMP-1 and proprotein convertase(s) releases endotrophin in fragments of different sizes. 
Heumuller Se, Talantikite M, Napoli M, Armengaud J, Morgelin M, Hartmann U, Sengle G, Paulsson M, Moali C, Wagener R
(2019) J Biol Chem 294 :13769-13780  Icon PUBMED

1146.  Roles of the procollagen C-propeptides in health and disease. 
Hulmes Djs
(2019) Essays Biochem 63 :313-323  Icon PUBMED

1145.  Prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers/injuries: The protocol for the second update of the international Clinical Practice Guideline 2019. 
Kottner J, Cuddigan J, Carville K, Balzer K, Berlowitz D, Law S, Litchford M, Mitchell P, Moore Z, Pittman J, Sigaudo-roussel D, Yee Cy, Haesler E
(2019) J Tissue Viability  :  Icon PUBMED

1144.  From bed sores to skin failure: Linguistic and conceptual confusion in the field of skin and tissue integrity. 
Kottner J, Sigaudo-roussel D, Cuddigan J
(2019) Int J Nurs Stud 92 :58-59  Icon PUBMED

1143.  entrapment in PLA nanoparticles as a tool to explain loading efficiency and functionality. 
Lamrayah M, Charriaud F, Hu S, Megy S, Terreux R, Verrier B
(2019) Int J Pharm 568 :118569-118569  Icon PUBMED

1142.  Tailoring mRNA Vaccine to Balance Innate/Adaptive Immune Response. 
Linares-fernandez S, Lacroix C, Exposito Jy, Verrier B
(2019) Trends Mol Med  :  Icon PUBMED

1141.  Evaluation of the biocompatibility and stability of allogeneic tissue-engineered cartilage in humanized mice. 
Perrier-groult E, Peres E, Pasdeloup M, Gazzolo L, Duc Dodon M, Mallein-gerin F
(2019) Plos One 14 :e0217183-e0217183  Icon PUBMED

1140.  Refined Immunochemical Characterization in Healthy Dog Skin of the Epidermal Cornification Proteins, Filaggrin, and Corneodesmosin. 
Pin D, Pendaries V, Keita Alassane S, Froment C, Amalric N, Cadiergues Mc, Serre G, Haftek M, Videmont E, Simon M
(2019) J Histochem Cytochem 67 :85-97  Icon PUBMED

1139.  Re-epithelialization of adult skin wounds: Cellular mechanisms and therapeutic strategies. 
Rousselle P, Braye F, Dayan G
(2019) Adv Drug Deliv Rev 146 :344-365  Icon PUBMED

1138.  Laminin 332 in cancer: When the extracellular matrix turns signals from cell anchorage to cell movement. 
Rousselle P, Scoazec Jy
(2019) Semin Cancer Biol  :  Icon PUBMED

1137.  Development and characterization of Lyophilized Transparized Decellularized stroma as a replacement for living cornea in deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty. 
Rovere Mr, Ouilhon C, Salmon D, Haftek M, Damour O, Auxenfans C
(2019) Cell Tissue Bank 20 :49-59  Icon PUBMED

1136.  Degradome of soluble ADAM10 and ADAM17 metalloproteases. 
Scharfenberg F, Helbig A, Sammel M, Benzel J, Schlomann U, Peters F, Wichert R, Bettendorff M, Schmidt-arras D, Rose-john S, Moali C, Lichtenthaler Sf, Pietrzik Cu, Bartsch Jw, Tholey A, Becker-pauly C
(2019) Cell Mol Life Sci  :  Icon PUBMED

1135.  Lysyl oxidase-like 2 (LOXL2)-mediated cross-linking of tropoelastin. 
Schmelzer Ceh, Heinz A, Troilo H, Lockhart-cairns Mp, Jowitt Ta, Marchand Mf, Bidault L, Bignon M, Hedtke T, Barret A, Mcconnell Jc, Sherratt Mj, Germain S, Hulmes Djs, Baldock C, Muller L
(2019) Faseb J  :fj201801860-fj201801860  Icon PUBMED

1134.  Filaggrin Expression and Processing Deficiencies Impair Corneocyte Surface Texture and Stiffness in Mice. 
Thyssen Jp, Jakasa I, Riethmuller C, Schon Mp, Braun A, Haftek M, Fallon Pg, Wroblewski J, Jakubowski H, Eckhart L, Declercq W, Koppes S, Engebretsen Ka, Bonefeld C, Irvine Ad, Keita-alassane S, Simon M, Kawasaki H, Kubo A, Amagai M, Matsui T, Kezic S
(2019) J Invest Dermatol  :  Icon PUBMED

1133.  Neurovascular Response to Pressure in Patients With Diabetic Foot Ulcer. 
Vouillarmet J, Josset-lamaugarny A, Michon P, Saumet Jl, Koitka-weber A, Henni S, Fromy B, Sigaudo-roussel D
(2019) Diabetes 68 :832-836  Icon PUBMED

1132.  Substrate softness promotes terminal differentiation of human keratinocytes without altering their ability to proliferate back into a rigid environment. 
Ya C, Carranca M, Sigaudo-roussel D, Faure P, Fromy B, Debret R
(2019) Arch Dermatol Res 311 :741-751  Icon PUBMED

1131.  Sustained spatiotemporal release of TGF-?1 confers enhanced very early chondrogenic differentiation during osteochondral repair in specific topographic patterns. 
Asen Ak, Goebel L, Rey-rico A, Sohier J, Zurakowski D, Cucchiarini M, Madry H
(2018) Faseb J  :fj201800105-fj201800105  Icon PUBMED

1130.  Adult Stem Cells Spheroids to Optimize Cell Colonization in Scaffolds for Cartilage and Bone Tissue Engineering. 
Baptista Ls, Kronemberger Gs, Cortes I, Charelli Le, Matsui Ram, Palhares Tn, Sohier J, Rossi Am, Granjeiro Jm
(2018) Int J Mol Sci 19 :  Icon PUBMED

1129.  Organogels, promising drug delivery systems: an update of state-of-the-art and recent applications. 
Esposito Cl, Kirilov P, Roullin Vg
(2018) J Control Release 271 :1-20  Icon PUBMED

1128.  Disruption of TRPV3 Impairs Heat-Evoked Vasodilation and Thermoregulation: A Critical Role of CGRP. 
Fromy B, Josset-lamaugarny A, Aimond G, Pagnon-minot A, Marics I, Tattersall Gj, Moqrich A, Sigaudo-roussel D
(2018) J Invest Dermatol 138 :688-696  Icon PUBMED

1127.  In vitro epidermis model mimicking IGF-1-specific age-related decline. 
Mainzer C, Remoue N, Molinari J, Rousselle P, Barricchello C, Lago Jc, Sommer P, Sigaudo-roussel D, Debret R
(2018) Exp Dermatol 27 :537-543  Icon PUBMED

1126.  Changes in nano-mechanical properties of human epidermal cornified cells depending on their proximity to the skin surface. 
Milani P, Chlasta J, Abdayem R, Kezic S, Haftek M
(2018) J Mol Recognit 31 :e2722-e2722  Icon PUBMED

1125.  Structural Basis for the Acceleration of Procollagen Processing by Procollagen C-Proteinase Enhancer-1. 
Pulido D, Sharma U, Vadon-le Goff S, Hussain Sa, Cordes S, Mariano N, Bettler E, Moali C, Aghajari N, Hohenester E, Hulmes Djs
(2018) Structure  :  Icon PUBMED

1124.  Mitochondrial damage and cytoskeleton reorganization in human dermal fibroblasts exposed to artificial visible light similar to screen-emitted light. 
Rascalou A, Lamartine J, Poydenot P, Demarne F, Bechetoille N
(2018) J Dermatol Sci  :  Icon PUBMED

1123.  Thrombospondin-1 promotes matrix homeostasis by interacting with collagen and lysyl oxidase precursors and collagen cross-linking sites. 
Rosini S, Pugh N, Bonna Am, Hulmes Djs, Farndale Rw, Adams Jc
(2018) Sci Signal 11 :  Icon PUBMED

1122.  Extracellular matrix contribution to skin wound re-epithelialization. 
Rousselle P, Montmasson M, Garnier C
(2018) Matrix Biol  :  Icon PUBMED

1121.  Preserving Basement Membranes during Detachment of Cultivated Oral Mucosal Epithelial Cell Sheets for the Treatment of Total Bilateral Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency. 
Rovere Mr, Rousselle P, Haftek M, Charleux B, Kocaba V, Auxenfans C, Nataf S, Damour O
(2018) Cell Transplant 27 :264-274  Icon PUBMED

1120.  Inhibitors of BMP-1/tolloid-like proteinases: efficacy, selectivity and cellular toxicity. 
Talantikite M, Lecorche P, Beau F, Damour O, Becker-pauly C, Ho Wb, Dive V, Vadon-le Goff S, Moali C
(2018) Febs Open Bio 8 :2011-2021  Icon PUBMED

1119.  Keratinocyte-Specific Ablation of RIPK4 Allows Epidermal Cornification but Impairs Skin Barrier Formation. 
Urwyler-rosselet C, Tanghe G, Leurs K, Gilbert B, De Rycke R, De Bruyne M, Lippens S, Bartunkova S, De Groote P, Niessen C, Haftek M, Vandenabeele P, Declercq W
(2018) J Invest Dermatol 138 :1268-1278  Icon PUBMED

1118.  In Silico, in Vitro, and in Vivo Evaluation of New Candidates for ?-Synuclein PET Imaging. 
Verdurand M, Levigoureux E, Zeinyeh W, Berthier L, Mendjel-herda M, Cadarossanesaib F, Bouillot C, Iecker T, Terreux R, Lancelot S, Chauveau F, Billard T, Zimmer L
(2018) Mol Pharm 15 :3153-3166  Icon PUBMED

1117.  PASTA repeats of the protein kinase StkP interconnect cell constriction and separation of Streptococcus pneumoniae. 
Zucchini L, Mercy C, Garcia Ps, Cluzel C, Gueguen-chaignon V, Galisson F, Freton C, Guiral S, Brochier-armanet C, Gouet P, Grangeasse C
(2018) Nat Microbiol 3 :197-209  Icon PUBMED

1116.  A large-scale RNAi screen identifies LCMR1 as a critical regulator of Tspan8-mediated melanoma invasion. 
Agaesse G, Barbollat-boutrand L, Sulpice E, Bhajun R, El Kharbili M, Berthier-vergnes O, Degoul F, De La Fouchardiere A, Berger E, Voeltzel T, Lamartine J, Gidrol X, Masse I
(2017) Oncogene 36 :5084-5084  Icon PUBMED

1115.  Ames test prediction on High Energy Molecules by On-The-Fly QSAR (OTF-QSAR) 
Alliod C, Chemelle Ja, Jacob G, Terreux R
(2017) Propellants, Explosives, Pyrotechnics 42 :24-35

1114.  Deficiency of the DSPP-cleaving enzymes meprin ? and meprin ? does not result in dentin malformation in mice. 
Arnold P, Koopmann L, Peters F, Birkenfeld F, Goff Sv, Damm T, Qin C, Moali C, Lucius R, Becker-pauly C
(2017) Cell Tissue Res 367 :351-358  Icon PUBMED

1113.  MicroRNA-23b-3p regulates human keratinocyte differentiation through repression of TGIF1 and activation of the TGF-ss-SMAD2 signalling pathway. 
Barbollat-boutrand L, Joly-tonetti N, Dos Santos M, Metral E, Boher A, Masse I, Berthier-vergnes O, Bertolino P, Damour O, Lamartine J
(2017) Exp Dermatol 26 :51-57  Icon PUBMED

1112.  Tuning the Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic Balance to Control the Structure of Chitosan Films and Their Protein Release Behavior. 
Becerra J, Sudre G, Royaud I, Montserret R, Verrier B, Rochas C, Delair T, David L
(2017) Aaps Pharmscitech 18 :1070-1083  Icon PUBMED

1111.  Editorial. 
Becquemont L, Picard N, Verstuyft C
(2017) Therapie 72 :173-174  Icon PUBMED

Becquemont L, Picard N, Verstuyft C
(2017) Therapie 72 :171-172  Icon PUBMED

1109.  Cutaneous and renal vasodilatory response to local pressure application: A comparative study in mice. 
Begey Al, Liu Kl, Lo M, Josset-lamaugarny A, Picard N, Gauthier C, Fromy B, Sigaudo-roussel D, Dubourg L
(2017) Microvasc Res 115 :44-51  Icon PUBMED

1108.  Fibrillar Collagens. 
Bella J, Hulmes Dj
(2017) Subcell Biochem 82 :457-490  Icon PUBMED

1107.  The Syk kinases orchestrate cerebellar granule cell tangential migration. 
Benon A, Ya C, Martin L, Watrin C, Chounlamountri N, Jaaoini I, Honnorat J, Pellier-monnin V, Noraz N
(2017) Neuroscience 360 :230-239  Icon PUBMED

1106.  Determination of inosine 5′-monophosphate dehydrogenase activity in red blood cells of thiopurine-treated patients using HPLC. 
Beringer A, Citterio-quentin A, Otero Ro, Gustin C, Clarke R, Salvi Jp, Boulieu R
(2017) J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci 1044-1045 :194-199  Icon PUBMED

1105.  Nanoparticle-Based Dressing: The Future of Wound Treatment? 
Berthet M, Gauthier Y, Lacroix C, Verrier B, Monge C
(2017) Trends Biotechnol 35 :770-784  Icon PUBMED

1104.  Tumor vascularization and clinicopathologic parameters as prognostic factors in merkel cell carcinoma. 
Bob A, Nielen F, Krediet J, Schmitter J, Freundt D, Terhorst D, Rowert-huber J, Kanitakis J, Stockfleth E, Ulrich C, Weichenthal M, Egberts F, Lange-asschenfeldt B
(2017) J Cancer Res Clin Oncol  :  Icon PUBMED

1103.  Innovative drug vehicle for local treatment of inflammatory skin diseases: Ex vivo and in vivo screening of five topical formulations containing poly(lactic acid) (PLA) nanoparticles. 
Boisgard As, Lamrayah M, Dzikowski M, Salmon D, Kirilov P, Primard C, Pirot F, Fromy B, Verrier B
(2017) Eur J Pharm Biopharm 116 :51-60  Icon PUBMED

1102.  Collagen XVIII: A key interfacial component of the skin architecture. 
Bonnet I, Jobeili L, Cadau S, Berthelemy N, Pierrot A, Tedeschi C, Bardey V, Fargier G, Rival D, Jeanmaire C, Bonnaud-rosaye C, Chan W, Chavan M, Andre-frei V, Zahouani H, Rousselle P
(2017) J Cosmet Sci 68 :35-41  Icon PUBMED

1101.  Destabilization of the TWIST1/E12 complex dimerization following the R154P point-mutation of TWIST1: an in silico approach. 
Bouard C, Terreux R, Tissier A, Jacqueroud L, Vigneron A, Ansieau S, Puisieux A, Payen L
(2017) Bmc Struct Biol 17 :6-6  Icon PUBMED

1100.  Repeated short climatic change affects the epidermal differentiation program and leads to matrix remodeling in a human organotypic skin model. 
Boutrand Lb, Thepot A, Muther C, Boher A, Robic J, Guere C, Vie K, Damour O, Lamartine J
(2017) Clin Cosmet Investig Dermatol 10 :43-50  Icon PUBMED

1099.  Engineering membranes for bone regeneration. 
Caridade Sgf, Mano Jfcdl
(2017) Tissue Eng Part A  :  Icon PUBMED

1098.  Is there any place for spontaneous healing in deep palmar burn of the child? 
Chateau J, Guillot M, Zevounou L, Braye F, Foyatier Jl, Comparin Jp, Voulliaume D
(2017) Ann Chir Plast Esthet 62 :238-244  Icon PUBMED

1097.  Acinar-to-Ductal Metaplasia Induced by Transforming Growth Factor Beta Facilitates KRAS(G12D)-driven Pancreatic Tumorigenesis. 
Chuvin N, Vincent Df, Pommier Rm, Alcaraz Lb, Gout J, Caligaris C, Yacoub K, Cardot V, Roger E, Kaniewski B, Martel S, Cintas C, Goddard-leon S, Colombe A, Valantin J, Gadot N, Servoz E, Morton J, Goddard I, Couvelard A, Rebours V, Guillermet J, Sansom Oj, Treilleux I, Valcourt U, Sentis S, Dubus P, Bartholin L
(2017) Cell Mol Gastroenterol Hepatol 4 :263-282  Icon PUBMED

1096.  ITPA Activity in Adults and Children Treated With or Without Azathioprine: Relationship Between TPMT Activity, Thiopurine Metabolites, and Co-medications. 
Citterio-quentin A, Moulsma M, Gustin Mp, Boulieu R
(2017) Ther Drug Monit 39 :483-491  Icon PUBMED

1095.  Skin allograft for severe chronic GvHD. 
Crocchiolo R, Dubois V, Nicolini Fe, Sobh M, Ducastelle-lepretre S, Labussiere H, Lebras L, Auxenfans C, Mojallal A, Damour O, Braye F, Michallet M
(2017) Bone Marrow Transplant  :  Icon PUBMED

1094.  ALIGNSEC: viewing protein secondary structure predictions within large multiple sequence alignments. 
Deleage G
(2017) Bioinformatics  :  Icon PUBMED

1093.  Towards therapeutic drug monitoring of everolimus in cancer? Results of an exploratory study of exposure-effect relationship. 
Deppenweiler M, Falkowski S, Saint-marcoux F, Monchaud C, Picard N, Laroche Ml, Tubiana-mathieu N, Venat-bouvet L, Marquet P, Woillard Jb
(2017) Pharmacol Res 121 :138-144  Icon PUBMED

1092.  Current challenges in human tooth revitalization. 
Ducret M, Fabre H, Celle A, Mallein-gerin F, Perrier-groult E, Alliot-licht B, Farges Jc
(2017) Biomed Mater Eng 28 :S159-S168  Icon PUBMED

1091.  Risk of Aggressive Skin Cancers After Kidney Retransplantation in Patients With Previous Posttransplant Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinomas: A Retrospective Study of 53 Cases. 
Ducroux E, Martin C, Bouwes Bavinck Jn, Decullier E, Brocard A, Westhuis-van Elsacker Me, Lebbe C, Frances C, Morelon E, Legendre C, Joly P, Kanitakis J, Jullien D, Euvrard S, Dantal J
(2017) Transplantation 101 :e133-e141  Icon PUBMED

1090.  Antibiotic incorporation in jet-sprayed nanofibrillar biodegradable scaffolds for wound healing. 
Dzikowski M, Castanie N, Guedon A, Verrier B, Primard C, Sohier J
(2017) Int J Pharm  :  Icon PUBMED

1089.  Characterization and identification of eight designer benzodiazepine metabolites by incubation with human liver microsomes and analysis by a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer. 
El Balkhi S, Chaslot M, Picard N, Dulaurent S, Delage M, Mathieu O, Saint-marcoux F
(2017) Int J Legal Med 131 :979-988  Icon PUBMED

1088.  Increasing incidence of melanoma after solid organ transplantation: a retrospective epidemiological study. 
Fattouh K, Ducroux E, Decullier E, Kanitakis J, Morelon E, Boissonnat P, Sebbag L, Jullien D, Euvrard S
(2017) Transpl Int  :  Icon PUBMED

1087.  Chronic Lyme borreliosis associated with minimal change glomerular disease: a case report. 
Florens N, Lemoine S, Guebre-egziabher F, Valour F, Kanitakis J, Rabeyrin M, Juillard L
(2017) Bmc Nephrol 18 :51-51  Icon PUBMED

1086.  Neutralizing and Targeting Properties of a New Set of ?4?7-Specific Antibodies Are Influenced by Their Isotype. 
Girard A, Jelicic K, Van Ryk D, Rochereau N, Cicala C, Arthos J, Noailly B, Genin C, Verrier B, Laurant S, Razanajaoana-doll D, Pin Jj, Paul S
(2017) J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr 75 :118-127  Icon PUBMED

1085.  Inter-sectoral Transfer of the Food for Life Settings Framework in England. 
Gray S, Jones M, Means R, Orme J, Pitt H, Salmon D
(2017) Health Promot Int  :  Icon PUBMED

1084.  Efficacy of guar gum-based ronidazole capsules as a treatment for Tritrichomonas foetus infection in cats. 
Grellet A, Makhlouf Se, Desquilbet L, Hovhannessian F, Boogaerts C, Dore V, Anthony M, Espana B, Prouillac C, Kirilov P, Polack B, Perrot S
(2017) J Feline Med Surg 19 :177-184  Icon PUBMED

1083.  Cutting Edge: A Dual TLR2 and TLR7 Ligand Induces Highly Potent Humoral and Cell-Mediated Immune Responses. 
Gutjahr A, Papagno L, Nicoli F, Lamoureux A, Vernejoul F, Lioux T, Gostick E, Price Da, Tiraby G, Perouzel E, Appay V, Verrier B, Paul S
(2017) J Immunol 198 :4205-4209  Icon PUBMED

1082.  Stefania (Stephanie) Jablonska 1923-2017 Professor of Dermatology, Warsaw Medical University, Poland Emeritus board member, European Journal of Dermatology. 
Haftek M
(2017) Eur J Dermatol 27 :399-400  Icon PUBMED

1081.  The ClC-K2 Chloride Channel Is Critical for Salt Handling in the Distal Nephron. 
Hennings Jc, Andrini O, Picard N, Paulais M, Huebner Ak, Cayuqueo Ik, Bignon Y, Keck M, Corniere N, Bohm D, Jentsch Tj, Chambrey R, Teulon J, Hubner Ca, Eladari D
(2017) J Am Soc Nephrol 28 :209-217  Icon PUBMED

1080.  [Anterolateral thigh flap for distal lower leg reconstruction]. 
Irthum C, Fossat S, Bey E, Duhamel P, Braye F, Mojallal A
(2017) Ann Chir Plast Esthet 62 :224-231  Icon PUBMED

1079.  Affine kinematics in planar fibrous connective tissues: an experimental investigation. 
Jayyosi C, Affagard Js, Ducourthial G, Bonod-bidaud C, Lynch B, Bancelin S, Ruggiero F, Schanne-klein Mc, Allain Jm, Bruyere-garnier K, Coret M
(2017) Biomech Model Mechanobiol 16 :1459-1473  Icon PUBMED

1078.  Improving bioassay sensitivity through immobilization of bio-probes onto reactive micelles. 
Jimenez-sanchez G, Terrat C, Verrier B, Gigmes D, Trimaille T
(2017) Chem Commun (camb) 53 :8062-8065  Icon PUBMED

1077.  Selenium preserves keratinocyte stemness and delays senescence by maintaining epidermal adhesion. 
Jobeili L, Rousselle P, Beal D, Blouin E, Roussel Am, Damour O, Rachidi W
(2017) Aging (albany Ny) 9 :2302-2315  Icon PUBMED

1076.  Clear-Cell Hyperplasia of Eccrine Sweat Ducts. 
Kanitakis J
(2017) Am J Dermatopathol 39 :319-321  Icon PUBMED

1075.  Scabies in a bilateral hand allograft recipient: An additional mimicker of acute skin rejection in vascularized composite allotransplantation. 
Kanitakis J, Morelon E
(2017) Transpl Infect Dis 19 :  Icon PUBMED

1074.  Glucose deprivation regulates the progranulin-sortilin axis in PC12 cells. 
Kawashima Ki, Ishiuchi Y, Konnai M, Komatsu S, Sato H, Kawaguchi H, Miyanishi N, Lamartine J, Nishihara M, Nedachi T
(2017) Febs Open Bio 7 :149-159  Icon PUBMED

1073.  Molecular dissection of protein-protein interactions between integrin ?5?1 and the Helicobacter pylori Cag type IV secretion system. 
Koelblen T, Berge C, Cherrier Mv, Brillet K, Jimenez-soto L, Ballut L, Takagi J, Montserret R, Rousselle P, Fischer W, Haas R, Fronzes R, Terradot L
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1072.  Effect of allergens and irritants on levels of natural moisturizing factor and corneocyte morphology. 
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