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Mobilité CR/DR en Immunologie

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Le LBTI recherche un(e) chercheur(se) (CR ou DR) en mobilité pour rejoindre l’équipe ‘vecteurs colloïdaux et ingénierie thérapeutique ciblée'( pour renforcer des thématiques de recherche en immunologie et/ou immunité des muqueuses.

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LBTI is open to the recruitment of a researcher (CR or DR) through mobility to join the team ‘colloidal vectors and targeted therapeutic engineering’ ( to strengthen immunology and/or mucosal immunity research topics.

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LBTI starts the formulation of promising antiviral drugs against Covid-19 for pulmonary delivery

CovidNanoMed project: “Nanoformulations of current therapeutic drug candidates against SARS-CoV-2 for pulmonary delivery”.

ANR Flash Covid-19 – PI: Bernard Verrier

The team of B. Verrier, with the help of the group of R. Terreux for bioinformatics and  a partnership with CEA and INRAE, have now started the identification of several promising antiviral candidates among a list of antiviral drugs or host targeted agents. The drugs will be loaded on a robust nanoparticle plateform to increase their potential efficacy through nasal or aerosol delivery.