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84.  Induction of a strong and long-lasting neutralizing immune response by dPreS1-TLR2 agonist nanovaccine against hepatitis B virus. 
Lamrayah M, Charriaud F, Desmares M, Coiffier C, Megy S, Colomb E, Terreux R, Lucifora J, Durantel D, Verrier B
(2023) Antiviral Res 209 :105483-105483  Icon PUBMED

83.  Identification of PCPE-2 as the endogenous specific inhibitor of human BMP-1/tolloid-like proteinases. 
Vadon-le Goff S, Tessier A, Napoli M, Dieryckx C, Bauer J, Dussoyer M, Lagoutte P, Peyronnel C, Essayan L, Kleiser S, Tueni N, Bettler E, Mariano N, Errazuriz-cerda E, Fruchart Gaillard C, Ruggiero F, Becker-pauly C, Allain Jm, Bruckner-tuderman L, Nyström A, Moali C
(2023) Nat Commun 14 :8020-8020  Icon PUBMED

82.  Discovery of a Novel Non-Narcotic Analgesic Derived from the CL-20 Explosive: Synthesis, Pharmacology, and Target Identification of Thiowurtzine, a Potent Inhibitor of the Opioid Receptors and the Ion Channels. 
Aguero S, Megy S, Eremina Vv, Kalashnikov Ai, Krylova Sg, Kulagina Da, Lopatina Ka, Fournier M, Povetyeva Tn, Vorozhtsov Ab, Sysolyatin Sv, Zhdanov Vv, Terreux R
(2021) Acs Omega 6 :15400-15411  Icon PUBMED

81.  Latent TGF-β Activation Is a Hallmark of the Tenascin Family. 
Aubert A, Mercier-gouy P, Aguero S, Berthier L, Liot S, Prigent L, Alcaraz Lb, Verrier B, Terreux R, Moali C, Lambert E, Valcourt U
(2021) Front Immunol 12 :613438-613438  Icon PUBMED

80.  Surface charge modulation of rifampicin-loaded PLA nanoparticles to improve antibiotic delivery in Staphylococcus aureus biofilms. 
Da Costa D, Exbrayat-héritier C, Rambaud B, Megy S, Terreux R, Verrier B, Primard C
(2021) J Nanobiotechnology 19 :12-12  Icon PUBMED

79.  Uncompetitive nanomolar dimeric indenoindole inhibitors of the human breast cancer resistance pump ABCG2. 
Guragossian N, Belhani B, Moreno A, Nunes Mt, Gonzalez-lobato L, Marminon C, Berthier L, Rocio Andrade Pires Ad, Özvegy-laczka C, Sarkadi B, Terreux R, Bouaziz Z, Berredjem M, Jose J, Di Pietro A, Falson P, Le Borgne M
(2021) Eur J Med Chem 211 :113017-113017  Icon PUBMED

78.  Procollagen C-proteinase enhancer-1 (PCPE-1), a potential biomarker and therapeutic target for fibrosis. 
Lagoutte P, Bettler E, Vadon-le Goff S, Moali C
(2021) Matrix Biol Plus 11 :100062-100062  Icon PUBMED

77.  Construction of atomic models of full hepatitis B vaccine particles at different stages of maturation. 
Berthier L, Brass O, Deleage G, Terreux R
(2020) J Mol Graph Model 98 :107610-107610  Icon PUBMED

76.  Molecular Dynamics Studies of Poly(Lactic Acid) Nanoparticles and Their Interactions with Vitamin E and TLR Agonists Pam1CSK4 and Pam3CSK4. 
Megy S, Aguero S, Da Costa D, Lamrayah M, Berthet M, Primard C, Verrier B, Terreux R
(2020) Nanomaterials (basel) 10 :  Icon PUBMED

75.  COL1A1 C-propeptide mutations cause ER mislocalization of procollagen and impair C-terminal procollagen processing. 
Barnes Am, Ashok A, Makareeva En, Brusel M, Cabral Wa, Weis M, Moali C, Bettler E, Eyre Dr, Cassella Jp, Leikin S, Hulmes Djs, Kessler E, Marini Jc
(2019) Biochim Biophys Acta Mol Basis Dis  :  Icon PUBMED

74.  Molecular modelling of TLR agonist Pam(3)CSK(4) entrapment in PLA nanoparticles as a tool to explain loading efficiency and functionality. 
Lamrayah M, Charriaud F, Hu S, Megy S, Terreux R, Verrier B
(2019) Int J Pharm 568 :118569-118569  Icon PUBMED

73.  Structural Basis for the Acceleration of Procollagen Processing by Procollagen C-Proteinase Enhancer-1. 
Pulido D, Sharma U, Vadon-le Goff S, Hussain Sa, Cordes S, Mariano N, Bettler E, Moali C, Aghajari N, Hohenester E, Hulmes Djs
(2018) Structure  :  Icon PUBMED

72.  In Silico, in Vitro, and in Vivo Evaluation of New Candidates for ?-Synuclein PET Imaging. 
Verdurand M, Levigoureux E, Zeinyeh W, Berthier L, Mendjel-herda M, Cadarossanesaib F, Bouillot C, Iecker T, Terreux R, Lancelot S, Chauveau F, Billard T, Zimmer L
(2018) Mol Pharm 15 :3153-3166  Icon PUBMED

71.  Ames test prediction on High Energy Molecules by On-The-Fly QSAR (OTF-QSAR) 
Alliod C, Chemelle Ja, Jacob G, Terreux R
(2017) Propellants, Explosives, Pyrotechnics 42 :24-35

70.  Destabilization of the TWIST1/E12 complex dimerization following the R154P point-mutation of TWIST1: an in silico approach. 
Bouard C, Terreux R, Tissier A, Jacqueroud L, Vigneron A, Ansieau S, Puisieux A, Payen L
(2017) Bmc Struct Biol 17 :6-6  Icon PUBMED

69.  Deciphering the molecular mechanisms underlying the binding of the TWIST1/E12 complex to regulatory E-box sequences. 
Bouard C, Terreux R, Honorat M, Manship B, Ansieau S, Vigneron Am, Puisieux A, Payen L
(2016) Nucleic Acids Res 44 :5470-89  Icon PUBMED

68.  Bioinspired Design and Oriented Synthesis of Immunogenic Site-Specifically Penicilloylated Peptides. 
Scornet N, Delarue-cochin S, Azoury Me, Le Mignon M, Chemelle Ja, Nony E, Maillere B, Terreux R, Pallardy M, Joseph D
(2016) Bioconjug Chem 27 :2629-2645  Icon PUBMED

67.  Unsymmetrical alpha,omega-end-functionalized oligo(cyclohexylidenes): efficient synthesis and conformational analysis 
Zeinyeh W, Radix S, Terreux R, Chemelle Ja, Walchshofer N
(2016) Tetrahedron 72 :4032-4038

66.  A Novel Alpha Cardiac Actin (ACTC1) Mutation Mapping to a Domain in Close Contact with Myosin Heavy Chain Leads to a Variety of Congenital Heart Defects, Arrhythmia and Possibly Midline Defects. 
Augiere C, Megy S, El Malti R, Boland A, El Zein L, Verrier B, Megarbane A, Deleuze Jf, Bouvagnet P
(2015) Plos One 10 :e0127903-e0127903  Icon PUBMED

65.  Active site coupling in Plasmodium falciparum GMP synthetase is triggered by domain rotation. 
Ballut L, Violot S, Shivakumaraswamy S, Thota Lp, Sathya M, Kunala J, Dijkstra Bw, Terreux R, Haser R, Balaram H, Aghajari N
(2015) Nat Commun 6 :8930-8930  Icon PUBMED

64.  A purified truncated form of yeast Gal4 expressed in Escherichia coli and used to functionalize poly(lactic acid) nanoparticle surface is transcriptionally active in cellulo. 
Legaz S, Exposito Jy, Borel A, Candusso Mp, Megy S, Montserret R, Lahaye V, Terzian C, Verrier B
(2015) Protein Expr Purif 113 :94-101  Icon PUBMED

63.  Quantification and kinetic study in plasma and tissues of (E)-1,1,4,4-tetramethyl-2-tetrazene, a liquid propellant and a transformation product of 1,1-dimethyl hydrazine. 
Payen L, Honorat M, Bouard C, Jacob G, Terreux R, Delalu H, Labarthe E, Guitton J
(2015) Anal Bioanal Chem 407 :6721-9  Icon PUBMED

62.  Daclatasvir-like inhibitors of NS5A block early biogenesis of hepatitis C virus-induced membranous replication factories, independent of RNA replication. 
Berger C, Romero-brey I, Radujkovic D, Terreux R, Zayas M, Paul D, Harak C, Hoppe S, Gao M, Penin F, Lohmann V, Bartenschlager R
(2014) Gastroenterology 147 :1094-1105  Icon PUBMED

61.  Interhelical loops within the bHLH domain are determinant in maintaining TWIST1-DNA complexes. 
Bouard C, Terreux R, Hope J, Chemelle Ja, Puisieux A, Ansieau S, Payen L
(2014) J Biomol Struct Dyn 32 :226-41  Icon PUBMED

60.  Collateral sensitivity of resistant MRP1-overexpressing cells to flavonoids and derivatives through GSH efflux. 
Lorendeau D, Dury L, Genoux-bastide E, Lecerf-schmidt F, Simoes-pires C, Carrupt Pa, Terreux R, Magnard S, Di Pietro A, Boumendjel A, Baubichon-cortay H
(2014) Biochem Pharmacol 90 :235-45  Icon PUBMED

59.  MBL-II-141, a chromone derivative, enhances irinotecan (CPT-11) anticancer efficiency in ABCG2-positive xenografts. 
Payen L, Honorat M, Guitton J, Gauthier C, Bouard C, Lecerf-schmidt F, Peres B, Terreux R, Gervot H, Rioufol C, Boumendjel A, Puisieux A, Di Pietro A
(2014) Oncotarget 5 :11957-70  Icon PUBMED

58.  Quinoxaline-substituted chalcones as new inhibitors of breast cancer resistance protein ABCG2: polyspecificity at B-ring position. 
Winter E, Gozzi Gj, Chiaradia-delatorre Ld, Daflon-yunes N, Terreux R, Gauthier C, Mascarello A, Leal Pc, Cadena Sm, Yunes Ra, Nunes Rj, Creczynski-pasa Tb, Di Pietro A
(2014) Drug Des Devel Ther 8 :609-19  Icon PUBMED

57.  Calcineurin A versus NS5A-TP2/HD domain containing 2: a case study of site-directed low-frequency random mutagenesis for dissecting target specificity of peptide aptamers. 
Dibenedetto S, Cluet D, Stebe Pn, Baumle V, Leault J, Terreux R, Bickle M, Chassey Bd, Mikaelian I, Colas P, Spichty M, Zoli M, Rudkin Bb
(2013) Mol Cell Proteomics 12 :1939-52  Icon PUBMED

56.  Localization of putative binding sites for cyclic guanosine monophosphate and the anti-cancer drug 5-fluoro-2'-deoxyuridine-5'-monophosphate on ABCC11 in silico models. 
Honorat M, Terreux R, Falson P, Di Pietro A, Dumontet C, Payen L
(2013) Bmc Struct Biol 13 :7-7  Icon PUBMED

55.  New structure-activity relationships of chalcone inhibitors of breast cancer resistance protein: polyspecificity toward inhibition and critical substitutions against cytotoxicity. 
Rangel Lp, Winter E, Gauthier C, Terreux R, Chiaradia-delatorre Ld, Mascarello A, Nunes Rj, Yunes Ra, Creczynski-pasa Tb, Macalou S, Lorendeau D, Baubichon-cortay H, Ferreira-pereira A, Di Pietro A
(2013) Drug Des Devel Ther 7 :1043-52  Icon PUBMED

54.  Investigation of chalcones as selective inhibitors of the breast cancer resistance protein: critical role of methoxylation in both inhibition potency and cytotoxicity. 
Valdameri G, Gauthier C, Terreux R, Kachadourian R, Day Bj, Winnischofer Sm, Rocha Me, Frachet V, Ronot X, Di Pietro A, Boumendjel A
(2012) J Med Chem 55 :3193-200  Icon PUBMED

53.  6-halogenochromones bearing tryptamine: one-step access to potent and highly selective inhibitors of breast cancer resistance protein. 
Valdameri G, Genoux-bastide E, Gauthier C, Peres B, Terreux R, Winnischofer Sm, Rocha Me, Di Pietro A, Boumendjel A
(2012) Chemmedchem 7 :1177-80  Icon PUBMED

52.  Substituted chromones as highly potent nontoxic inhibitors, specific for the breast cancer resistance protein. 
Valdameri G, Genoux-bastide E, Peres B, Gauthier C, Guitton J, Terreux R, Winnischofer Sm, Rocha Me, Boumendjel A, Di Pietro A
(2012) J Med Chem 55 :966-70  Icon PUBMED

51.  Corticosteroid cross-reactivity: clinical and molecular modelling tools. 
Baeck M, Chemelle Ja, Goossens A, Nicolas Jf, Terreux R
(2011) Allergy 66 :1367-74  Icon PUBMED

50.  C(16)-methyl corticosteroids are far less allergenic than the non-methylated molecules. 
Baeck M, Chemelle Ja, Rasse C, Terreux R, Goossens A
(2011) Contact Dermatitis 64 :305-12  Icon PUBMED

49.  Targeting the multidrug ABCG2 transporter with flavonoidic inhibitors: in vitro optimization and in vivo validation. 
Boumendjel A, Macalou S, Valdameri G, Pozza A, Gauthier C, Arnaud O, Nicolle E, Magnard S, Falson P, Terreux R, Carrupt Pa, Payen L, Di Pietro A
(2011) Curr Med Chem 18 :3387-401  Icon PUBMED

48.  Multidrug resistance ABC transporter structure predictions by homology modeling approaches. 
Honorat M, Falson P, Terreux R, Di Pietro A, Dumontet C, Payen L
(2011) Curr Drug Metab 12 :268-77  Icon PUBMED

47.  Identification of structural and molecular determinants of the tyrosine-kinase Wzc and implications in capsular polysaccharide export. 
Bechet E, Gruszczyk J, Terreux R, Gueguen-chaignon V, Vigouroux A, Obadia B, Cozzone Aj, Nessler S, Grangeasse C
(2010) Mol Microbiol 77 :1315-25  Icon PUBMED

46.  SM2PH-db: an interactive system for the integrated analysis of phenotypic consequences of missense mutations in proteins involved in human genetic diseases. 
Friedrich A, Garnier N, Gagniere N, Nguyen H, Albou Lp, Biancalana V, Bettler E, Deleage G, Lecompte O, Muller J, Moras D, Mandel Jl, Toursel T, Moulinier L, Poch O
(2010) Hum Mutat 31 :127-35  Icon PUBMED

45.  Bacterial tyrosine-kinases: structure-function analysis and therapeutic potential. 
Grangeasse C, Terreux R, Nessler S
(2010) Biochim Biophys Acta 1804 :628-34  Icon PUBMED

44.  Exploring genomes for glycosyltransferases. 
Hansen Sf, Bettler E, Rinnan A, Engelsen Sb, Breton C
(2010) Mol Biosyst 6 :1773-81  Icon PUBMED

43.  Delayed hypersensitivity to corticosteroids in a series of 315 patients: clinical data and patch test results. 
Baeck M, Chemelle Ja, Terreux R, Drieghe J, Goossens A
(2009) Contact Dermatitis 61 :163-75  Icon PUBMED

42.  The euHCVdb suite of in silico tools for investigating the structural impact of mutations in hepatitis C virus proteins. 
Combet C, Bettler E, Terreux R, Garnier N, Deleage G
(2009) Infect Disord Drug Targets 9 :272-8  Icon PUBMED

41.  Combination of several bioinformatics approaches for the identification of new putative glycosyltransferases in Arabidopsis. 
Hansen Sf, Bettler E, Wimmerova M, Imberty A, Lerouxel O, Breton C
(2009) J Proteome Res 8 :743-53  Icon PUBMED

40.  Tyrosine dephosphorylation of the syndecan-1 PDZ binding domain regulates syntenin-1 recruitment. 
Sulka B, Lortat-jacob H, Terreux R, Letourneur F, Rousselle P
(2009) J Biol Chem 284 :10659-71  Icon PUBMED

39.  euHCVdb: the European hepatitis C virus database. 
Combet C, Garnier N, Charavay C, Grando D, Crisan D, Lopez J, Dehne-garcia A, Geourjon C, Bettler E, Hulo C, Le Mercier P, Bartenschlager R, Diepolder H, Moradpour D, Pawlotsky Jm, Rice Cm, Trepo C, Penin F, Deleage G
(2007) Nucleic Acids Res 35 :D363-6  Icon PUBMED

38.  Blast sampling for structural and functional analyses. 
Friedrich A, Ripp R, Garnier N, Bettler E, Deleage G, Poch O, Moulinier L
(2007) Bmc Bioinformatics 8 :62-62  Icon PUBMED

37.  NMR studies for identifying phosphopeptide ligands of the HIV-1 protein Vpu binding to the F-box protein beta-TrCP. 
Evrard-todeschi N, Gharbi-benarous J, Bertho G, Coadou G, Megy S, Benarous R, Girault Jp
(2006) Peptides 27 :194-210  Icon PUBMED

36.  MAGOS: multiple alignment and modelling server. 
Garnier N, Friedrich A, Bolze R, Bettler E, Moulinier L, Geourjon C, Thompson Jd, Deleage G, Poch O
(2006) Bioinformatics 22 :2164-5  Icon PUBMED

35.  STD and TRNOESY NMR studies for the epitope mapping of the phosphorylation motif of the oncogenic protein beta-catenin recognized by a selective monoclonal antibody. 
Megy S, Bertho G, Gharbi-benarous J, Baleux F, Benarous R, Girault Jp
(2006) Febs Lett 580 :5411-22  Icon PUBMED

34.  Interactions study between the copper II ion and constitutive elements of chitosan structure by DFT calculation. 
Terreux R, Domard M, Viton C, Domard A
(2006) Biomacromolecules 7 :31-7  Icon PUBMED

33.  A Diels-Alder strategy for the building of imidazo[4,5-g]quinoline-4,9-dione derivatives  
Alvarez F, Taleb A, Gentili J, Nebois P, Terreux R, Domard M, Thozet A, Merle D, Fillion H, Walchshofer N
(2005) European Journal Of Organic Chemistry  0 :1903-1908

32.  Water-protein hydrogen exchange in the micro-crystalline protein crh as observed by solid state NMR spectroscopy. 
Böckmann A, Juy M, Bettler E, Emsley L, Galinier A, Penin F, Lesage A
(2005) J Biomol Nmr 32 :195-207  Icon PUBMED

31.  A cyclic PNA-based compound targeting domain IV of HCVIRES RNA inhibits in vitro IRES-dependent translation  
Caldarelli Sa, Mehiri M, Di Giorgio A, Martin A, Hantz O, Zoulim F, Terreux R, Condom R, Patino N
(2005) Bioorganic  :5700-5709

30.  The nuclear receptor ligand-binding domain: a family-based structure analysis. 
Folkertsma S, Van Noort Pi, Brandt Rf, Bettler E, Vriend G, De Vlieg J
(2005) Curr Med Chem 12 :1001-16  Icon PUBMED

29.  Solution structure of a peptide derived from the oncogenic protein beta-Catenin in its phosphorylated and nonphosphorylated states 
Megy S, Bertho G, Gharbi-benarous J, Baleux F, Benarous R, Girault Jp
(2005) Peptides 26 :227-241

28.  STD and TRNOESY NMR studies on the conformation of the oncogenic protein beta-catenin containing the phosphorylated motif DpSGXXpS bound to the beta-TrCP protein 
Megy S, Bertho G, Gharbi-benarous J, Evrard-todeschi N, Coadou G, Segeral E, Iehle C, Quemeneur E, Benarous R, Girault Jp
(2005) Journal Of Biological Chemistry 280 :29107-29116

27.  Synthesis of 6-amino-1H-indole-4,7-quinones  
Pringel E, Gentili J, Terreux R, Fenet B, Barret R
(2005) Letters In Organic Chemistry  2 :378-381

26.  Isoflavonoids in non-leguminous families: an update  
Reynaud J, Guilet D, Terreux R, Lussignol M, Walchshofer N
(2005) Natural Product Reports  22 :504-515

25.  Flavonoids and tyrosine nitration: Structure-activity relationship correlation with enthalpy of formation  
Sadeghipour M, Terreux R, Phipps J
(2005) Toxicology In Vitro  19 :155-165

24.  Antileishmanial activity of polycyclic derivatives. 
Sarciron Me, Terreux R, Prieto Y, Cortes M, Cuellar Ma, Tapia Ra, Domard M, Walchshofer N, Petavy Af
(2005) Parasite 12 :251-8  Icon PUBMED

23.  Relative antioxidant capacities of propofol and its main metabolites  
Boisset S, Steghens Jp, Favetta P, Terreux R, Guitton J
(2004) Archives Of Toxicology  78 :635-642

22.  Cyclic PNA-based compound directed against HIV-1 TAR RNA: modelling, liquid-phase synthesis and TAR binding  
Depecker G, Patino N, Di Giorgio C, Terreux R, Cabrol-bass D, Bailly C, Aubertin Am, Condom R
(2004) Organic  :74-79

21.  A family-based approach reveals the function of residues in the nuclear receptor ligand-binding domain. 
Folkertsma S, Van Noort P, Van Durme J, Joosten Hj, Bettler E, Fleuren W, Oliveira L, Horn F, De Vlieg J, Vriend G
(2004) J Mol Biol 341 :321-35  Icon PUBMED

20.  Determination of ddATP levels in human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients treated with dideoxyinosine  
Le Saint C, Terreux R, Duval D, Durant J, Ettesse H, Dellamonica P, Guedj R, Vincent Jp, Cupo A
(2004) Antimicrobial Agents And Chemotherapy  48 :589-595

19.  Pyrolysis patterns of 5 close Corynebacterium species analyzed by artificial neural networks  
Voisin S, Terreux R, Renaud Fnr, Freney J, Domard M, Deruaz D
(2004) Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek International Journal Of General And Molecular Microbiology  85 :287-296

18.  Production of recombinant xenotransplantation antigen in Escherichia coli. 
Bettler E, Imberty A, Priem B, Chazalet V, Heyraud A, Joziasse Dh, Geremia Ra
(2003) Biochem Biophys Res Commun 302 :620-4  Icon PUBMED

17.  NRSAS: Nuclear Receptor Structure Analysis Servers. 
Bettler E, Krause R, Horn F, Vriend G
(2003) Nucleic Acids Res 31 :3400-3  Icon PUBMED

16.  Batch mode generation of residue-based diagrams of proteins. 
Campagne F, Bettler E, Vriend G, Weinstein H
(2003) Bioinformatics 19 :1854-5  Icon PUBMED

15.  NMR studies of the phosphorylation motif of the HIV-1 protein Vpu bound to the F-box protein beta-TrCP 
Coadou G, Gharbi-benarous J, Megy S, Bertho G, Evrard-todeschi N, Segeral E, Benarous R, Girault Jp
(2003) Biochemistry 42 :14741-14751

14.  GPCRDB information system for G protein-coupled receptors. 
Horn F, Bettler E, Oliveira L, Campagne F, Cohen Fe, Vriend G
(2003) Nucleic Acids Res 31 :294-7  Icon PUBMED

13.  NRMD: Nuclear Receptor Mutation Database. 
Van Durme Jj, Bettler E, Folkertsma S, Horn F, Vriend G
(2003) Nucleic Acids Res 31 :331-3  Icon PUBMED

12.  Combining fold recognition and exploratory data analysis for searching for glycosyltransferases in the genome of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. 
Wimmerova M, Engelsen Sb, Bettler E, Breton C, Imberty A
(2003) Biochimie 85 :691-700  Icon PUBMED

11.  Solution structure of two xenoantigens: alpha Gal-LacNAc and alpha Gal-Lewis X. 
Corzana F, Bettler E, Herve Du Penhoat C, Tyrtysh Tv, Bovin Nv, Imberty A
(2002) Glycobiology 12 :241-50  Icon PUBMED

10.  Modelling, synthesis and biological evaluation of an ethidium-arginine conjugate linked to a ribonuclease mimic directed against TAR RNA of HIV-1  
Patino N, Di Giorgio C, Dan-covalciuc C, Peytou V, Terreux R, Cabrol-bass D, Bailly C, Condom R
(2002) European Journal Of Medicinal Chemistry  37 :573-584

9.  Cyclic PNA hexamer-based compound: modelling, synthesis and inhibition of the HIV-1 RNA dimerization process  
Schwergold C, Depecker G, Di Giorgio C, Patino N, Jossinet F, Ehresmann B, Terreux R, Cabrol-bass D, Condom R
(2002) Tetrahedron  58 :5675-5687

8.  Amphiphilic anionic analogues of galactosylceramide: synthesis, anti-HIV-1 activity, and gp120 binding. 
Faroux-corlay B, Greiner J, Terreux R, Cabrol-bass D, Aubertin Am, Vierling P, Fantini J
(2001) J Med Chem 44 :2188-203  Icon PUBMED

7.  Interaction of new PNA-based molecules with TAR RNA of HIV-1: Molecular modelling and biological evaluation  
Terreux R, Pairot S, Cabrol-bass D, Patino N, Condom R
(2001) Journal Of Molecular Graphics  :579-

6.  Dynamic simulation of interaction between HIV-1 RNA loops and PNA cased cyclic molecules.  
Terreux R, Antonczak S, Cabrol-bass D, Patino N, Condom R
(2000) Abstracts Of Papers Of The American Chemical Society  220 :U292-U292

5.  The living factory: in vivo production of N-acetyllactosamine containing carbohydrates in E. coli. 
Bettler E, Samain E, Chazalet V, Bosso C, Heyraud A, Joziasse Dh, Wakarchuk Ww, Imberty A, Geremia Ar
(1999) Glycoconj J 16 :205-12  Icon PUBMED

4.  Fold recognition study of alpha3-galactosyltransferase and molecular modeling of the nucleotide sugar-binding domain. 
Imberty A, Monier C, Bettler E, Morera S, Freemont P, Sippl M, Flockner H, Ruger W, Breton C
(1999) Glycobiology 9 :713-22  Icon PUBMED

3.  Synthesis and antiviral activity of ethidium-arginine conjugates directed against the TAR RNA of HIV-1. 
Peytou V, Condom R, Patino N, Guedj R, Aubertin Am, Gelus N, Bailly C, Terreux R, Cabrol-bass D
(1999) J Med Chem 42 :4042-53  Icon PUBMED

2.  Modeling of the interaction between new ethidium derivatives and TAR RNA of HIV-1  
Terreux R, Cabrol-bass D, Peytou V, Condom R, Guedj R
(1999) Journal Of Chemical Information And Computer Sciences  39 :413-419

1.  Sequence-function relationships of prokaryotic and eukaryotic galactosyltransferases. 
Breton C, Bettler E, Joziasse Dh, Geremia Ra, Imberty A
(1998) J Biochem 123 :1000-9  Icon PUBMED