Mini Curriculum Vitae


Equipe : Pôle Rockfeller
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Téléphone : +33(0)4-72-11-91-82
Statut : Assistant Hospitalo-universitaire

8.  Development and characterization of Lyophilized Transparized Decellularized stroma as a replacement for living cornea in deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty. 
Rovere Mr, Ouilhon C, Salmon D, Haftek M, Damour O, Auxenfans C
(2019) Cell Tissue Bank 20 :49-59  Icon PUBMED

7.  Innovative drug vehicle for local treatment of inflammatory skin diseases: Ex vivo and in vivo screening of five topical formulations containing poly(lactic acid) (PLA) nanoparticles. 
Boisgard As, Lamrayah M, Dzikowski M, Salmon D, Kirilov P, Primard C, Pirot F, Fromy B, Verrier B
(2017) Eur J Pharm Biopharm 116 :51-60  Icon PUBMED

6.  Inter-sectoral Transfer of the Food for Life Settings Framework in England. 
Gray S, Jones M, Means R, Orme J, Pitt H, Salmon D
(2017) Health Promot Int  :  Icon PUBMED

5.  Percutaneous absorption of benzophenone-3 loaded lipid nanoparticles and polymeric nanocapsules: A comparative study. 
Gilbert E, Roussel L, Serre C, Sandouk R, Salmon D, Kirilov P, Haftek M, Falson F, Pirot F
(2016) Int J Pharm 504 :48-58  Icon PUBMED

4.  Fosamprenavir/ritonavir in patients with viral hepatitis coinfection: an observational multicohort study. 
Nasta P, Salmon D, D’arminio Monforte A, Pimenta Jm, Cerini C, Giralda M, Winnock M, Cozzi-lepri A
(2016) Hiv Clin Trials 17 :96-108  Icon PUBMED

3.  [Chemistry approach for therapeutic education of children with hemophilia and their parents: Representation of complex phenomena related to treatment]. 
Novais T, Meunier S, Trossaert M, Salmon D, Chamouard V
(2016) Arch Pediatr 23 :798-805  Icon PUBMED

2.  Measurement, analysis and prediction of topical UV filter bioavailability. 
Roussel L, Gilbert E, Salmon D, Serre C, Gabard B, Haftek M, Maibach Hi, Pirot F
(2015) Int J Pharm 478 :804-10  Icon PUBMED

1.  New easy handling and sampling device for bioavailability screening of topical formulations. 
Salmon D, Gilbert E, Gioia B, Haftek M, Pivot C, Verrier B, Pirot F
(2015) Eur J Dermatol 25 Suppl 1 :23-9  Icon PUBMED