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MALCOR Jean-Daniel
Jean-Daniel MALCOR

Equipe : Recherche OstéoArticulaire et Dentaire
Courriel :
Téléphone : +33(0)4-72-72-26-19
Statut : Chargé de recherches

3 publications au total. Seules les 5 dernières années sont affichées

3.  Presence of type IIB procollagen in mouse articular cartilage and growth plate is revealed by immuno-histochemical analysis with a novel specific antibody. 
Perrier-groult E, Moustaghfir S, Pasdeloup M, Malcor Jd, Lafont J, Mallein-gerin F
(2023) Matrix Biol Plus 18 :100130-100130  Icon PUBMED

2.  Biomaterial functionalization with triple-helical peptides for tissue engineering. 
Malcor Jd, Mallein-gerin F
(2022) Acta Biomater 148 :1-21  Icon PUBMED

1.  Selectivity of the collagen-binding integrin inhibitors, TC-I-15 and obtustatin. 
Hunter Ej, Hamaia Sw, Gullberg D, Malcor Jd, Farndale Rw
(2021) Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 428 :115669-115669  Icon PUBMED