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Equipe : Recherche OstéoArticulaire et Dentaire
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Téléphone : +33(0)4-72-72-26-19
Statut : Professeur universitaire - Praticien hospitalier

20 publications au total. Seules les 5 dernières années sont affichées

20.  Oral Health of Rural Cameroonian Children: A Pilot Study in Bamendou. 
Aimond G, Thivichon-prince B, Bernard-granger C, Gisle C, Caron T, Jiokeng Av, Majoli S, Maurin Jc, Ducret M, Laforest L
(2023) Children (basel) 10 :  Icon PUBMED

19.  Assessment of guide fitting using an intra-oral scanner: An in vitro study. 
Bittar E, Binvignat P, Villat C, Maurin Jc, Ducret M, Richert R
(2023) J Dent 135 :104590-104590  Icon PUBMED

18.  Focus on artificial intelligence ethics in dentistry. 
Ducret M, Mörch Cm
(2023) J Dent Sci 18 :1409-1410  Icon PUBMED

17.  Real-time simulation of the transplanted tooth using model order reduction. 
Lahoud P, Badrou A, Ducret M, Farges Jc, Jacobs R, Bel-brunon A, Ezeldeen M, Blal N, Richert R
(2023) Front Bioeng Biotechnol 11 :1201177-1201177  Icon PUBMED

16.  Bioactive Endodontic Hydrogels: From Parameters to Personalized Medicine. 
Leveque M, Bekhouche M, Farges Jc, Aussel A, Sy K, Richert R, Ducret M
(2023) Int J Mol Sci 24 :  Icon PUBMED

15.  Next generation antibacterial strategies for regenerative endodontic procedures: A scoping review. 
Leveque M, Guittat M, Thivichon-prince B, Reuzeau A, Eveillard M, Faure M, Farges Jc, Richert R, Bekhouche M, Ducret M
(2023) Int Endod J  :  Icon PUBMED

14.  Immersive 3D Educational Contents: A Technical Note for Dental Educators. 
Barour S, Richert R, Virard F, Wulfman C, Iozzino R, Elbashti M, Naveau A, Ducret M
(2021) Healthcare (basel) 9 :  Icon PUBMED

13.  Fibrin-based scaffolds for dental pulp regeneration: from biology to nanotherapeutics. 
Ducret M, Costantini A, Gobert S, Farges Jc, Bekhouche M
(2021) Eur Cell Mater 41 :1-14  Icon PUBMED

12.  Osseointegration Pharmacology: A Systematic Mapping Using Artificial Intelligence. 
Mahri M, Shen N, Berrizbeitia F, Rodan R, Daer A, Faigan M, Taqi D, Wu Ky, Ahmadi M, Ducret M, Emami E, Tamimi F
(2021) Acta Biomater 119 :284-302  Icon PUBMED

11.  Artificial Intelligence and Ethics in Dentistry: A Scoping Review. 
Mörch Cm, Atsu S, Cai W, Li X, Madathil Sa, Liu X, Mai V, Tamimi F, Dilhac Ma, Ducret M
(2021) J Dent Res 100 :1452-1460  Icon PUBMED

10.  Development of an antibacterial nanocomposite hydrogel for human dental pulp engineering. 
Bekhouche M, Bolon M, Charriaud F, Lamrayah M, Da Costa D, Primard C, Costantini A, Pasdeloup M, Gobert S, Mallein-gerin F, Verrier B, Ducret M, Farges Jc
(2020) J Mater Chem B 8 :8422-8432  Icon PUBMED

9.  Phenotypic Identification of Dental Pulp Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells Subpopulations with Multiparametric Flow Cytometry. 
Ducret M, Farges Jc, Pasdeloup M, Perrier-groult E, Mueller A, Mallein-gerin F, Fabre H
(2019) Methods Mol Biol 1922 :77-90  Icon PUBMED

8.  Design and characterization of a chitosan-enriched fibrin hydrogel for human dental pulp regeneration. 
Ducret M, Montembault A, Josse J, Pasdeloup M, Celle A, Benchrih R, Mallein-gerin F, Alliot-licht B, David L, Farges Jc
(2019) Dent Mater 35 :523-533  Icon PUBMED

7.  Characterization of Different Sources of Human MSCs Expanded in Serum-Free Conditions with Quantification of Chondrogenic Induction in 3D. 
Fabre H, Ducret M, Degoul O, Rodriguez J, Perrier-groult E, Aubert-foucher E, Pasdeloup M, Auxenfans C, Mcguckin C, Forraz N, Mallein-gerin F
(2019) Stem Cells Int 2019 :2186728-2186728  Icon PUBMED

6.  Current challenges in human tooth revitalization. 
Ducret M, Fabre H, Celle A, Mallein-gerin F, Perrier-groult E, Alliot-licht B, Farges Jc
(2017) Biomed Mater Eng 28 :S159-S168  Icon PUBMED

5.  Immunophenotyping Reveals the Diversity of Human Dental Pulp Mesenchymal Stromal Cells In vivo and Their Evolution upon In vitro Amplification. 
Ducret M, Fabre H, Degoul O, Atzeni G, Mcguckin C, Forraz N, Mallein-gerin F, Perrier-groult E, Alliot-licht B, Farges Jc
(2016) Front Physiol 7 :512-512  Icon PUBMED

4.  A standardized procedure to obtain mesenchymal stem/stromal cells from minimally manipulated dental pulp and Wharton's jelly samples. 
Ducret M, Fabre H, Degoult O, Atzeni G, Mcguckin C, Forraz N, Mallein-gerrin F, Perrier-groult E, Fargues Jc
(2016) Bull Group Int Rech Sci Stomatol Odontol 53 :e37-e37  Icon PUBMED

3.  Manufacturing of dental pulp cell-based products from human third molars: current strategies and future investigations. 
Ducret M, Fabre H, Degoul O, Atzeni G, Mcguckin C, Forraz N, Alliot-licht B, Mallein-gerin F, Perrier-groult E, Farges Jc
(2015) Front Physiol 6 :213-213  Icon PUBMED

2.  Dental Pulp Defence and Repair Mechanisms in Dental Caries. 
Farges Jc, Alliot-licht B, Renard E, Ducret M, Gaudin A, Smith Aj, Cooper Pr
(2015) Mediators Inflamm 2015 :230251-230251  Icon PUBMED

1.  Human odontoblast-like cells produce nitric oxide with antibacterial activity upon TLR2 activation. 
Farges Jc, Bellanger A, Ducret M, Aubert-foucher E, Richard B, Alliot-licht B, Bleicher F, Carrouel F
(2015) Front Physiol 6 :185-185  Icon PUBMED