Mini Curriculum Vitae

Christelle BONOD

Equipe : Fonctionnalité et dynamique du tissu cutané
Courriel :
Téléphone : +33(0)4-72-72-26-92
Statut : Maître de conférences

20.  Affine kinematics in planar fibrous connective tissues: an experimental investigation. 
Jayyosi C, Affagard Js, Ducourthial G, Bonod-bidaud C, Lynch B, Bancelin S, Ruggiero F, Schanne-klein Mc, Allain Jm, Bruyere-garnier K, Coret M
(2017) Biomech Model Mechanobiol 16 :1459-1473  Icon PUBMED

19.  A novel microstructural interpretation for the biomechanics of mouse skin derived from multiscale characterization. 
Lynch B, Bancelin S, Bonod-bidaud C, Gueusquin Jb, Ruggiero F, Schanne-klein Mc, Allain Jm
(2017) Acta Biomater 50 :302-311  Icon PUBMED

18.  Ex vivo multiscale quantitation of skin biomechanics in wild-type and genetically-modified mice using multiphoton microscopy. 
Bancelin S, Lynch B, Bonod-bidaud C, Ducourthial G, Psilodimitrakopoulos S, Dokladal P, Allain Jm, Schanne-klein Mc, Ruggiero F
(2015) Sci Rep 5 :17635-17635  Icon PUBMED

17.  Transcriptomic analysis of mouse limb tendon cells during development. 
Havis E, Bonnin Ma, Olivera-martinez I, Nazaret N, Ruggiu M, Weibel J, Durand C, Guerquin Mj, Bonod-bidaud C, Ruggiero F, Schweitzer R, Duprez D
(2014) Development 141 :3683-96  Icon PUBMED

16.  In vivo evidence for a bridging role of a collagen V subtype at the epidermis-dermis interface. 
Bonod-bidaud C, Roulet M, Hansen U, Elsheikh A, Malbouyres M, Ricard-blum S, Faye C, Vaganay E, Rousselle P, Ruggiero F
(2012) J Invest Dermatol 132 :1841-9  Icon PUBMED

15.  Identification of binding partners interacting with the ?1-N-propeptide of type V collagen. 
Symoens S, Renard M, Bonod-bidaud C, Syx D, Vaganay E, Malfait F, Ricard-blum S, Kessler E, Van Laer L, Coucke P, Ruggiero F, De Paepe A
(2011) Biochem J 433 :371-81  Icon PUBMED

14.  The collagen V homotrimer [alpha1(V)](3) production is unexpectedly favored over the heterotrimer [alpha1(V)](2)alpha2(V) in recombinant expression systems. 
Roulet M, Valkkila M, Chanut-delalande H, Hamalainen Er, Kessler E, Ala-kokko L, Mannikko M, Bonod-bidaud C, Ruggiero F
(2010) J Biomed Biotechnol 2010 :376927-376927  Icon PUBMED

13.  Enzymatic cleavage specificity of the proalpha1(V) chain processing analysed by site-directed mutagenesis. 
Bonod-bidaud C, Beraud M, Vaganay E, Delacoux F, Font B, Hulmes Dj, Ruggiero F
(2007) Biochem J 405 :299-306  Icon PUBMED

12.  [Dermis collagens: beyond their structural properties]. 
Ruggiero F, Roulet M, Bonod-bidaud C
(2005) J Soc Biol 199 :301-11  Icon PUBMED

11.  Development of a functional skin matrix requires deposition of collagen V heterotrimers. 
Chanut-delalande H, Bonod-bidaud C, Cogne S, Malbouyres M, Ramirez F, Fichard A, Ruggiero F
(2004) Mol Cell Biol 24 :6049-57  Icon PUBMED

10.  Netrin-1 controls colorectal tumorigenesis by regulating apoptosis. 
Mazelin L, Bernet A, Bonod-bidaud C, Pays L, Arnaud S, Gespach C, Bredesen De, Scoazec Jy, Mehlen P
(2004) Nature 431 :80-4  Icon PUBMED

9.  Caspase cleavage of the transcription factor FLI-1 during preB leukemic cell death. 
Sarrazin S, Bonod-bidaud C, Remy P, Mehlen P, Morle F
(2002) Biochim Biophys Acta 1592 :123-7  Icon PUBMED

8.  Induction of ANT2 gene expression in liver of patients with mitochondrial DNA depletion. 
Bonod-bidaud C, Chevrollier A, Bourasseau I, Lachaux A, Mousson De Camaret B, Stepien G
(2001) Mitochondrion 1 :217-24  Icon PUBMED

7.  Quantification of OXPHOS gene transcripts during muscle cell differentiation in patients with mitochondrial myopathies. 
Bonod-bidaud C, Giraud S, Mandon G, Mousson B, Stepien G
(1999) Exp Cell Res 246 :91-7  Icon PUBMED

6.  Expression of human ANT2 gene in highly proliferative cells: GRBOX, a new transcriptional element, is involved in the regulation of glycolytic ATP import into mitochondria. 
Giraud S, Bonod-bidaud C, Wesolowski-louvel M, Stepien G
(1998) J Mol Biol 281 :409-18  Icon PUBMED

5.  DNA flexibility of the UP element is a major determinant for transcriptional activation at the Escherichia coli acetate promoter. 
Negre D, Bonod-bidaud C, Oudot C, Prost Jf, Kolb A, Ishihama A, Cozzone Aj, Cortay Jc
(1997) Nucleic Acids Res 25 :713-8  Icon PUBMED

4.  Three-dimensional structure of the DNA-binding domain of the fructose repressor from Escherichia coli by 1H and 15N NMR. 
Penin F, Geourjon C, Montserret R, Bockmann A, Lesage A, Yang Ys, Bonod-bidaud C, Cortay Jc, Negre D, Cozzone Aj, Deleage G
(1997) J Mol Biol 270 :496-510  Icon PUBMED

3.  Definition of a consensus DNA-binding site for the Escherichia coli pleiotropic regulatory protein, FruR. 
Negre D, Bonod-bidaud C, Geourjon C, Deleage G, Cozzone Aj, Cortay Jc
(1996) Mol Microbiol 21 :257-66  Icon PUBMED

2.  Escherichia coli isocitrate dehydrogenase kinase/phosphatase. Overproduction and kinetics of interaction with its substrates by using intrinsic fluorescence and fluorescent nucleotide analogues. 
Rittinger K, Negre D, Divita G, Scarabel M, Bonod-bidaud C, Goody Rs, Cozzone Aj, Cortay Jc
(1996) Eur J Biochem 237 :247-54  Icon PUBMED

1.  Overproduction, purification and structural characterization of the functional N-terminal DNA-binding domain of the fru repressor from Escherichia coli K-12. 
Scarabel M, Penin F, Bonod-bidaud C, Negre D, Cozzone Aj, Cortay Jc
(1995) Gene 153 :9-15  Icon PUBMED