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Equipe : Intégrité Fonctionnelle du Tissu Cutané
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Statut : Contractuel à durée déterminée

6 publications au total. Seules les 5 dernières années sont affichées

6.  Mitochondrial damage and cytoskeleton reorganization in human dermal fibroblasts exposed to artificial visible light similar to screen-emitted light. 
Rascalou A, Lamartine J, Poydenot P, Demarne F, Bechetoille N
(2018) J Dermatol Sci  :  Icon PUBMED

5.  Evolution of three dimensional skin equivalent models reconstructed in vitro by tissue engineering. 
Auxenfans C, Fradette J, Lequeux C, Germain L, Kinikoglu B, Bechetoille N, Braye F, Auger Fa, Damour O
(2009) Eur J Dermatol 19 :107-13  Icon PUBMED

4.  Variations in the characteristics of keratocytes in culture in relation to their location in human cornea. 
Builles N, Bechetoille N, Justin V, Andre V, Burillon C, Damour O
(2008) Biomed Mater Eng 18 :S87-98  Icon PUBMED

3.  From simple to adipose reconstructed skin 
Auxenfans C , Lequeux C , Bertil E , Tan N , Bechetoille N , Andre V , Braye Fm , Damour O
(2007) Journal Of Investigative Dermatology 127 :2485-2485

2.  Development of a hemicornea from human primary cell cultures for pharmacotoxicology testing. 
Builles N, Bechetoille N, Justin V, Andre V, Barbaro V, Di Iorio E, Auxenfans C, Hulmes Dj, Damour O
(2007) Cell Biol Toxicol 23 :279-92  Icon PUBMED

1.  Development of an optimised culture medium for keratocytes in monolayer. 
Builles N, Bechetoille N, Justin V, Ducerf A, Auxenfans C, Burillon C, Sergent M, Damour O
(2006) Biomed Mater Eng 16 :S95-S104  Icon PUBMED