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Equipe : Dialogue cellules microenvironnement et réparation tissulaire
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27.  Development and characterization of Lyophilized Transparized Decellularized stroma as a replacement for living cornea in deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty. 
Rovere Mr, Ouilhon C, Salmon D, Haftek M, Damour O, Auxenfans C
(2019) Cell Tissue Bank 20 :49-59  Icon PUBMED

26.  Preserving Basement Membranes during Detachment of Cultivated Oral Mucosal Epithelial Cell Sheets for the Treatment of Total Bilateral Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency. 
Rovere Mr, Rousselle P, Haftek M, Charleux B, Kocaba V, Auxenfans C, Nataf S, Damour O
(2018) Cell Transplant 27 :264-274  Icon PUBMED

25.  Skin allograft for severe chronic GvHD. 
Crocchiolo R, Dubois V, Nicolini Fe, Sobh M, Ducastelle-lepretre S, Labussiere H, Lebras L, Auxenfans C, Mojallal A, Damour O, Braye F, Michallet M
(2017) Bone Marrow Transplant  :  Icon PUBMED

24.  Eye bank prepared versus surgeon cut endothelial graft tissue for Descemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty: An observational study. 
Regnier M, Auxenfans C, Maucort-boulch D, Marty As, Damour O, Burillon C, Kocaba V
(2017) Medicine (baltimore) 96 :e6885-e6885  Icon PUBMED

23.  Evaluation of Three Devices for the Isolation of the Stromal Vascular Fraction from Adipose Tissue and for ASC Culture: A Comparative Study. 
Rodriguez J, Pratta As, Abbassi N, Fabre H, Rodriguez F, Debard C, Adobati J, Boucher F, Mallein-gerin F, Auxenfans C, Damour O, Mojallal A
(2017) Stem Cells Int 2017 :9289213-9289213  Icon PUBMED

22.  [Limbal stem cell deficiency management. A review]. 
Kocaba V, Damour O, Auxenfans C, Burillon C
(2016) J Fr Ophtalmol 39 :791-803  Icon PUBMED

21.  Validation of an endothelial roll preparation for Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty by a cornea bank using no touch dissection technique. 
Marty As, Burillon C, Desanlis A, Damour O, Kocaba V, Auxenfans C
(2016) Cell Tissue Bank 17 :225-32

20.  Validation of an endothelial roll preparation for Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty by a cornea bank using “no touch” dissection technique. 
Marty As, Burillon C, Desanlis A, Damour O, Kocaba V, Auxenfans C
(2016) Cell Tissue Bank 17 :225-32  Icon PUBMED

19.  Cultured autologous keratinocytes in the treatment of large and deep burns: a retrospective study over 15 years. 
Auxenfans C, Menet V, Catherine Z, Shipkov H, Lacroix P, Bertin-maghit M, Damour O, Braye F
(2015) Burns 41 :71-9  Icon PUBMED

18.  In vitro and in vivo biocompatibility, bioavailability and tolerance of an injectable vehicle for adipose-derived stem/stromal cells for plastic surgery indications. 
Lequeux C, Rodriguez J, Boucher F, Rouyer O, Damour O, Mojallal A, Auxenfans C
(2015) J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg 68 :1491-7  Icon PUBMED

17.  Immunocytochemical Diagnosis of Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency: Comparative Analysis of Current Corneal and Conjunctival Biomarkers. 
Poli M, Burillon C, Auxenfans C, Rovere Mr, Damour O
(2015) Cornea 34 :817-23  Icon PUBMED

16.  A simple way to reconstruct a human 3-d hypodermis: a useful tool for pharmacological functionality. 
Lequeux C, Auxenfans C, Thepot A, Geloen A, Andre V, Damour O, Mojallal A
(2012) Skin Pharmacol Physiol 25 :47-55  Icon PUBMED

15.  Validation of the BacT/ALERT®3D automated culture system for the detection of microbial contamination of epithelial cell culture medium. 
Plantamura E, Huyghe G, Panterne B, Delesalle N, Thepot A, Reverdy Me, Damour O, Auxenfans C
(2012) Cell Tissue Bank 13 :453-9  Icon PUBMED

14.  Treatment of a severe extensive cutaneous chronic GVHD after allo-HSCT using glycerolyzed skin allografts and cultured epidermis from the same donor. 
Crocchiolo R, Nicolini Fe, Sobh M, Ducastelle-lepretre S, Labussiere H, Dubois V, Auxenfans C, Mojallal A, Damour O, Braye F, Michallet M
(2011) Bone Marrow Transplant 46 :1153-5  Icon PUBMED

13.  Keratin 13 immunostaining in corneal impression cytology for the diagnosis of limbal stem cell deficiency. 
Poli M, Janin H, Justin V, Auxenfans C, Burillon C, Damour O
(2011) Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 52 :9411-5  Icon PUBMED

12.  Evolution of three dimensional skin equivalent models reconstructed in vitro by tissue engineering. 
Auxenfans C, Fradette J, Lequeux C, Germain L, Kinikoglu B, Bechetoille N, Braye F, Auger Fa, Damour O
(2009) Eur J Dermatol 19 :107-13  Icon PUBMED

11.  Characterisation of human fibroblasts as keratinocyte feeder layer using p63 isoforms status. 
Auxenfans C, Thepot A, Justin V, Hautefeuille A, Shahabeddin L, Damour O, Hainaut P
(2009) Biomed Mater Eng 19 :365-72  Icon PUBMED

Burillon C, Justin V, Janin H, Auxenfans C, Nataf S, Nakamura N, Murayama A, Damour O
(2009) International Journal Of Artificial Organs 32 :417-417

9.  Reconstruction of a full-thickness collagen-based human oral mucosal equivalent. 
Kinikoglu B, Auxenfans C, Pierrillas P, Justin V, Breton P, Burillon C, Hasirci V, Damour O
(2009) Biomaterials 30 :6418-25  Icon PUBMED

8.  Optimization of a culture medium for the differentiation of preadipocytes into adipocytes in a monolayer. 
Lequeux C, Auxenfans C, Mojallal A, Sergent M, Damour O
(2009) Biomed Mater Eng 19 :283-91  Icon PUBMED

7.  Influence of negative pressure when harvesting adipose tissue on cell yield of the stromal-vascular fraction. 
Mojallal A, Auxenfans C, Lequeux C, Braye F, Damour O
(2008) Biomed Mater Eng 18 :193-7  Icon PUBMED

6.  Does adipose tissue cultured with collagen matrix and preadipocytes give comparable results to the standard technique in plastic surgery? 
Mojallal A, Lequeux C, Auxenfans C, Brayea F, Damour O,
(2008) Bio-medical Materials And Engineering 18 :187-192

5.  From simple to adipose reconstructed skin 
Auxenfans C , Lequeux C , Bertil E , Tan N , Bechetoille N , Andre V , Braye Fm , Damour O
(2007) Journal Of Investigative Dermatology 127 :2485-2485

4.  Development of a hemicornea from human primary cell cultures for pharmacotoxicology testing. 
Builles N, Bechetoille N, Justin V, Andre V, Barbaro V, Di Iorio E, Auxenfans C, Hulmes Dj, Damour O
(2007) Cell Biol Toxicol 23 :279-92  Icon PUBMED

3.  Use of allogenic epidermal sheets for difficult wound healing: selection and testing of relevant growth factors. 
Auxenfans C, Colloud M, Debard Al, Braye Fm, Amini M, Allombert-blaise V, Builles N, Claudy A, Damour O
(2006) Biomed Mater Eng 16 :S73-83  Icon PUBMED

2.  Development of an optimised culture medium for keratocytes in monolayer. 
Builles N, Bechetoille N, Justin V, Ducerf A, Auxenfans C, Burillon C, Sergent M, Damour O
(2006) Biomed Mater Eng 16 :S95-S104  Icon PUBMED

1.  [Legal framework relating to human tissues used for research ends]. 
Pascal P, Bensiam F, Auxenfans C, Callu Mf, Robert O, Damour O, Chapuis F
(2005) Pathol Biol (paris) 53 :571-5  Icon PUBMED