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Equipe : Biologie et ingénierie du cartilage
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28.  Human odontoblast-like cells produce nitric oxide with antibacterial activity upon TLR2 activation. 
Farges Jc, Bellanger A, Ducret M, Aubert-foucher E, Richard B, Alliot-licht B, Bleicher F, Carrouel F
(2015) Front Physiol 6 :185-185  Icon PUBMED

27.  A unique tool to selectively detect the chondrogenic IIB form of human type II procollagen protein. 
Aubert-foucher E, Mayer N, Pasdeloup M, Pagnon A, Hartmann D, Mallein-gerin F
(2014) Matrix Biol 34 :80-8  Icon PUBMED

26.  Cartilage-characteristic matrix reconstruction by sequential addition of soluble factors during expansion of human articular chondrocytes and their cultivation in collagen sponges. 
Claus S, Mayer N, Aubert-foucher E, Chajra H, Perrier-groult E, Lafont J, Piperno M, Damour O, Mallein-gerin F
(2012) Tissue Eng Part C Methods 18 :104-12  Icon PUBMED

25.  Deciphering signaling mechanisms controling chondrocyte differentiation: Application to tissue engineering of cartilage: The ANR-TecSan PROMOCART project 
Claus S, Aubert-foucher E, Perrier-groult E, Bougault C, Ronziere Mc, Freyria Am, Legendre F, Ollitrault D, Boumediene K, Demoor M, Galera P, Tian Tv, Flajollet S, Duterque-coquillaud M, Damour O, Chajra H, Mallein-gerin F
(2011) Irbm 32 :95-98

24.  Chronic exposure of bone morphogenetic protein-2 favors chondrogenic expression in human articular chondrocytes amplified in monolayer cultures. 
Claus S, Aubert-foucher E, Demoor M, Camuzeaux B, Paumier A, Piperno M, Damour O, Duterque-coquillaud M, Galera P, Mallein-gerin F
(2010) J Cell Biochem 111 :1642-51  Icon PUBMED

Claus S, Aubert-foucher E, Demoor M, Chajra H, Mayer N, Damour O, Galera P, Mallein-gerin F
(2010) Osteoarthritis And Cartilage 18 :S116-S116

22.  BMP-2 and TGF-beta1 differentially control expression of type II procollagen and alpha 10 and alpha 11 integrins in mouse chondrocytes. 
Gouttenoire J, Bougault C, Aubert-foucher E, Perrier E, Ronziere Mc, Sandell L, Lundgren-akerlund E, Mallein-gerin F
(2010) Eur J Cell Biol 89 :307-14  Icon PUBMED

21.  Molecular responses of chondrocytes cultured in agarose to dynamic compression 
Bougault C, Paumier A, Aszodi A, Aubert-foucher E, Mallein-gerin F
(2009) International Journal Of Experimental Pathology 90 :A101-A101

20.  Investigating conversion of mechanical force into biochemical signaling in three-dimensional chondrocyte cultures. 
Bougault C, Paumier A, Aubert-foucher E, Mallein-gerin F
(2009) Nat Protoc 4 :928-38  Icon PUBMED

19.  [Human chondrocyte responsiveness to bone morphogenetic protein-2 after their in vitro dedifferentiation: potential use of bone morphogenetic protein-2 for cartilage cell therapy]. 
Salentey V, Claus S, Bougault C, Paumier A, Aubert-foucher E, Perrier-groult E, Ronziere Mc, Freyria Am, Galera P, Beauchef G, Duterque-coquillaud M, Piperno M, Damour O, Herbage B, Mallein-gerin F
(2009) Pathol Biol (paris) 57 :282-9  Icon PUBMED

18.  Molecular analysis of chondrocytes cultured in agarose in response to dynamic compression. 
Bougault C, Paumier A, Aubert-foucher E, Mallein-gerin F
(2008) Bmc Biotechnol 8 :71-71  Icon PUBMED

17.  Bone morphogenetic protein-2 stimulates chondrogenic expression in human nasal chondrocytes expanded in vitro. 
Hautier A, Salentey V, Aubert-foucher E, Bougault C, Beauchef G, Ronziere Mc, De Sobarnitsky S, Paumier A, Galera P, Piperno M, Damour O, Mallein-gerin F
(2008) Growth Factors 26 :201-11  Icon PUBMED

16.  Knockdown of the intraflagellar transport protein IFT46 stimulates selective gene expression in mouse chondrocytes and affects early development in zebrafish. 
Gouttenoire J, Valcourt U, Bougault C, Aubert-foucher E, Arnaud E, Giraud L, Mallein-gerin F
(2007) J Biol Chem 282 :30960-73  Icon PUBMED

15.  Integrin alpha1beta1 mediates collagen induction of MMP-13 expression in MC615 chondrocytes. 
Ronziere Mc, Aubert-foucher E, Gouttenoire J, Bernaud J, Herbage D, Mallein-gerin F
(2005) Biochim Biophys Acta 1746 :55-64  Icon PUBMED

14.  Modulation of collagen synthesis in normal and osteoarthritic cartilage. 
Gouttenoire J, Valcourt U, Ronziere Mc, Aubert-foucher E, Mallein-gerin F, Herbage D
(2004) Biorheology 41 :535-42  Icon PUBMED

13.  Processing in the C-terminal domain of minicollagen XII removes a heparin-binding site. 
Aubert-foucher E, Goldschmidt D, Jaquinod M, Mazzorana M
(2001) Biochem Biophys Res Commun 286 :1131-9  Icon PUBMED

12.  Collagenous sequence governs the trimeric assembly of collagen XII. 
Mazzorana M, Cogne S, Goldschmidt D, Aubert-foucher E
(2001) J Biol Chem 276 :27989-98  Icon PUBMED

11.  Lysyl oxidase-like protein localizes to sites of de novo fibrinogenesis in fibrosis and in the early stromal reaction of ductal breast carcinomas. 
Decitre M, Gleyzal C, Raccurt M, Peyrol S, Aubert-foucher E, Csiszar K, Sommer P
(1998) Lab Invest 78 :143-51  Icon PUBMED

10.  Identification and characterization of a heparin binding site within the NC1 domain of chicken collagen XIV. 
Giry-lozinguez C, Aubert-foucher E, Penin F, Deleage G, Dublet B, Van Der Rest M
(1998) Matrix Biol 17 :145-9  Icon PUBMED

9.  Degradation of the COL1 domain of type XIV collagen by 92-kDa gelatinase. 
Sires Ui, Dublet B, Aubert-foucher E, Van Der Rest M, Welgus Hg
(1995) J Biol Chem 270 :1062-7  Icon PUBMED

8.  Binding of collagen XIV with the dermatan sulfate side chain of decorin. 
Font B, Aubert-foucher E, Goldschmidt D, Eichenberger D, Van Der Rest M
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7.  Purification and characterization of native type XIV collagen. 
Aubert-foucher E, Font B, Eichenberger D, Goldschmidt D, Lethias C, Van Der Rest M
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6.  Structure and function of the fibril-associated collagens. 
Van Der Rest M, Aubert-foucher E, Dublet B, Eichenberger D, Font B, Goldschmidt D
(1991) Biochem Soc Trans 19 :820-4  Icon PUBMED

5.  Do synapsin I and microtubule-associated proteins bind to a common site on polymerized tubulin? 
Aubert-foucher E, Deleage G, Font B
(1990) Biochem Int 22 :821-7  Icon PUBMED

4.  Limited proteolysis of synapsin I. Identification of the region of the molecule responsible for its association with microtubules. 
Aubert-foucher E, Font B
(1990) Biochemistry 29 :5351-7  Icon PUBMED

3.  Detection by chemical cross-linking of bovine brain synapsin I self-association. 
Font B, Aubert-foucher E
(1989) Biochem J 264 :893-9  Icon PUBMED

2.  Modified properties of hexokinase from heart mitochondria prepared using proteolytic enzyme. 
Aubert-foucher E, Font B, Gautheron Dc
(1985) Mol Cell Biochem 67 :111-8  Icon PUBMED

1.  Rabbit heart mitochondrial hexokinase: solubilization and general properties. 
Aubert-foucher E, Font B, Gautheron Dc
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